Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fair Fun!

I grew-up going to county fairs. That is not to say I lived in the country, I was rather firmly wedged in suburbia, IL. But, fairs were a yearly-near-summer-end-event. (If you think only Chicago when you think IL, look at a map - it is covered in farmland) I was lucky enough to have a cottage in Michigan which meant I attended 2 fairs (sometimes 3). All of this is to say that I had developed a love for fairs and certain attractions. Tractor Pulls & Crash-up Derbies are high on the list of fun, loud events to see. Until I moved to Sunnyland.

Alas in Sunnyland, though we are surrounded by farmland (& water), we do not have county fairs that compare to the midwest. There are no cows to milk, though there are cows to see. There are no tractor-pulls. But, we do have something I never saw growing-up
pig races. Yes, those are pigs racing. And do you see the crowd? They are even standing to watch. I do admit, it is enjoyable. But it does not compare to the noise levels of a tractor-pull.

We were visiting the fair last weekend (yes our seasons are backwards here). Apparently, I had the urge to drop buckets of money share my traditions with my children. It is a yearly tradition - what can I say? Teen brought a friend - duh! And the 2 of them quickly escaped to buy armbands and ride until they were queasy. Boy and youngest wandered with Hubby & me. Boy was biding his time and saving his tickets until teen would come back to take him on the Gravitron. So, youngest said she could ride alone. She was "big enough now."

Though she was only on the "safe" rides, it was apparent she did not feel safe. Her expression was one of trepidation, bordering on terror until the restraining devices were firmly locked and checked. At this point, you could watch the fear subside and delight warm her smile. Ahh - the innocence of youth. Completely safe, as long as the seatbelt is buckled.

Teen & friend did come to collect Boy. They went together to ride until they were ill, and then thought it would be fun to pay $5 to win 3 goldfish that would have cost $1.50 in the store. Oh-well, I guess it is the memories that count.

The kids are now trying to see if they can keep these goldfish alive as long as the ones Boy won at the State Fair a few years ago. They lived for almost 2 years. We'll see how it goes.


  1. Did "Some Pig" win the race? Sounds like a rockin'redneck good time.

  2. ok. i've tried 2x now to post a comment. i'm gonna wait and see if either actually went thru before i try to recreate those posts for a third time! lol

  3. ~nonna: this is the only comment I have from you.


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