Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quest on Hold

There has been far too much seriousness in the last few posts...So without further ado I thought I would look for the source of delight in my home. The children!

Teen and the bed saga: Teen has had a daybed. She also possesses ample floor space. Yet, inevitably when I would peek into the room (after repeatedly commanding they "go to sleep now") there would be 2-4 girls vying for space in the room allotted by the twin bed. Teen herself would often opt for the floor - of her closet. (Yes, this is strange, she claims the mountain of stuffed friends that make-up the floor space are very comfy.) With all of the giggling, bouncing, and literally leaping onto said daybed, I should not have been surprised - but alas, silly me, I was. One eve. Dad responded to cries of "DAD! There's a problem.." To find that they had actually broken the bed! I know, I know, we always tell them they will break their beds if they jump on them - but come on did you really believe that?? Well it happened - the entire frame bent in half. Now she is sporting a queen, more elbow room!

Emergency or Not? This is a new game we will be playing regularly in my house. After being woken from my treasured Sunday afternoon nap not once but 3 times, understanding these concepts has reached critical importance.

ER: The cat / dog / or house is on fire.
Non-er: There is a fire in the book you are reading

ER: Someone is in incredible pain.
Non-er: You are feeling hunger pains and want to know if you can eat a third muffin.

ER: Strangers have come and abducted your sibling.
Non-er: Your sibling took your spot on the couch/computer/video game

ER: Water is flooding the bathroom.
Non-er: You want to play with the hose in the back yard.

ER: There is a tornado baring down on the house.
Non-er: It started raining.

ER: There are home invaders coming down the street.
Non-er: You want your friend to come over.

As you can see, we have many hours of game enjoyment ahead of us! And, yes I have been woken for these non-er issues more than once. It is great that they want my input, but jeez! Can't a girl get a little rest?


  1. Do you mind if I borrow your list of ER and Non-ER requirements. I think I'll hang them on my bedroom door when I settle down to rest. Interuptions are a given in my life as well.

    As far as the bed is concerned, how many times did I tell my girls when they were younger, Do. Not. Jump. On. The. Bed.? Your story just proves I'm right.

  2. As father to a 5 month old I am inlcined to think that anyone whoe wakes me from sleep other than the baby is in grave danger. I would rather sleep and hope that the fire, tornado, or burglar simply miss me.

  3. I need to play that game with my kids. I get woken up for non-er and then almost create one out of frustration.

  4. ~weaselmomma: better to roll on the floor than beds - which apparently break.

    ~surprised: feel free, i've read your blog - you need the sleep more than me!

    ~otter: LOL! I remember those days.

    Texasholly: exactly why I am playing the game!

  5. The #1 rule to this day in my parents' house is: Do not wake up Mom/Grah! Maybe if the house is on fire, but only if it involves a large area and is spreading towards her bedroom. The tornado can wake her itself, I pity the poor thing though because she'll kick its butt! Anything else go to Daddy/Pa. (Grah and Pa are what my niece calls my parents)


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