Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Heart Thawed

I had been suspicious. I was keeping a close eye on the girl, because I suspected something was up. But everything continued along as normal. There were no red flags or warning bells, just the little tickle in the back of my mind that something was definitely going on. As the weeks passed, I became indifferent.

Until the phone call from Hubby.

The one where he says, "Have you looked at her lately?"

"Yeah, I was with her at breakfast," I replied.

"Then how could you not NOTICE? She is as big as a house."

"uh-oh" i thought - we're in for it now.

I was angry at first. This is not the situation in which I wanted to find myself right now. But, really what can you do at this point - nothing.

So, the weeks passed. The waiting became intense. And just when I thought I would go insane with worry and anxiety- she delivered. ELEVEN brand-new, tiny, adorable puppies. (who did you think I was talking about?)

Maybe it was watching the discomfort in her eyes over the past week or maybe it was sitting up with her all night long, trying to be encouraging while my butt went numb on the bathroom floor - but whatever the reason, I am loving these tiny little balls of fur!

And mom, Daisy, reminds me that so much of our lives are instinctual. Watching a new doggy-mom know what to do, taking such good care of 11 babies is incredible.

But then again, whose heart would warm to these little things? So now I have joined the ranks of weaselmomma and suburban scrawl and I too have a new baby in the house!


  1. Aww! So glad I'm not joining this little group. I'm not sure I could handle a little baby of any kind in the house :)

  2. They are so sweet. Have you slapped the daddy with a pupternity suit? What are you going to do with them? Keeping any?

  3. i still think they (mommy & daddy dawg) were the only ones having fun that rainy camping trip :)i also think that, like i bemoaned TWELVE puppies allll surviving, eventually you will be too :) 11 puppies pooping & peeing are NOT fun to take care of. they are however very cute and i can't wait to see what body shape they grow into LOL

  4. Wow! 11?! How could you not notice? Better check on your kids! I'm with WeaselMomma. You need to find the baby-daddy & slap him with a Pupternity suit.

    Good life-lesson to the rest of your crew!

  5. Daisy looks exhausted. The puppies just look adorable. What are you going to do with 11 puppies?


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