Friday, October 30, 2009

Babies or Puppies

For as many hours of my life as the puppies are sucking away from me needing my care, I have restrained myself from saying too much about them. But very, very soon they will be leaving us for their new homes; and I was feeling a bit joyous at the prospect of having some fun money melancholy at their imminent departure. So, I began to ponder as I scrubbed the floor of the puppy pen while trying to hold my nose and keep from gagging. I have some friends for whom a pet fills-in for a young child, either because they are single, their children are grown, or they just prefer it that way. So, what exactly are the differences?

1. Feeding: puppies eat from a bowl on the floor while babies dump their bowls onto the floor.
2. Potty training: puppies go anywhere anytime you clean it up, babies do the same just with a diaper attachment.
3. Attention: puppies whine for it and babies cry for it, but you can shut the door on the puppies.
4.Bathing: babies wiggle and squirm, puppies do the same but with grip-action fur

5. Babysitting: babies overnights can be costly, but no one will volunteer to sit for 11 puppies
6. Cuteness factor: this one is a dead heat.
7. Cuddle factor: while both are cuddly, with a baby you wonder what's in his pants and with a puppy you wonder what's on his paws, nose, head - ok all his body parts.(yuck)

Each baby type has its draw backs and attractions. Maybe if I had 11 babies at once I'd shoot myself in the head I'd feel differently. But though I will be sad to see them go, I will really be ok with them going. Most days I can't say the same about my children


  1. I'm glad that you have found homes for them. Are you keeping 1 for yourself?

  2. Heck no!

    We have two dogs as it is. One more is just another mess to clean up after.

  3. 2 dogs and a cat and a rabbit and anything else seashore hasnt managed to kill :) lol Just Kidding! very funny post. didn't know you were a comedian AND a great writer :)


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