Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Morning Adventure

The stress-free testing day morning plan was coming together perfectly. We were cruising along at a fair clip. Teen had been dropped at school, Boy and Youngest were dressed and ready. 

Garbage had been taken to the curb for collection. Simple lunches were packed and ready. Dogs were watered, fed, and in the yard. It was 5 full minutes before necessary departure time and we were heading out the door. 

Relishing in the glory of a well orchestrated morning, I climbed into the car.

As I shifted the van into reverse, everything changed. Darting out from an unknown escape route, Ollie the Springer Spaniel bolted into the drive. Cajoling, holding the car door, begging and swearing in turns I attempted to lure the beast into the van. Up and down the street he capered, looking back to beckon us to continue the game. 

After 10 minutes of torture I was forced to make an executive decision. I left. Soothing the kids with thoughts that he may return home on his own while my mind insisted he would suffer the fate of countless 'possums I headed to an errand that needed running before school. Guilt won. With errand complete and time ticking away, we headed home to put the other dogs inside, in case Ollie passed on his escapist tricks. 

As we neared home definitely not early or relaxed anymore, six sharp eyes looked toward houses for our Houdini dog. With a sigh and no knowledge of Ollie's whereabouts, I cut through the house to let the dogs in. Of course upon opening the door the first dog to spring into the view was our escapist, Ollie. Springers are a lovable, loyal breed but they require the security of Fort Knox.


  1. Always so much fun when the dog decides to throw a monkey wrench into a smooth flowing day.


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