Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ahh, The Cynicism (of youth)

You have probably read about the strange occurrence of the dying Red Wing Blackbirds in Arkansas. Maybe you have also read about the same type of thing happening in Louisiana. You probably even read about the mass die-off of Drum Fish as well. 

Many people are wondering what happened and why. While we know Otter Thomas at Life of a New Dad likes to hunt, I doubt he was responsible for this many deaths occurring at once ;)  It is a series of events that just makes you scratch your head and say "hmmm." 

With all of this in mind, I was making conversation at dinner last night. I started to ask Teen if she had any thoughts on this matter. Then I stopped mid-sentence. How would the younger 2 view this event? Would it add more worry to Youngest's ever-worrying mind? 

Nothing will get your kids attention faster than starting and stopping a sentence while you reconsider. especially if you say something inane like "oh wait, that may be inappropriate" Suddenly they were all ears. I asked if anyone had seen the news about the birds. Boy piped up that he had, but wanted to know more and Teen said she had briefly looked at it as well. We talked about some of the details and I wondered what had caused these events. 

Within moments of posing this rhetorical question aloud, Teen declared, "It was the government running tests" While Boy proclaimed, "It was aliens."

Maybe I should watch the instant view Netflixs of X-files in my room...


  1. I have family in Arkansas and have visited there many times. If personal experience is any indication, the poor birds were bored to death.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. I enjoyed it. And in fact when I was a kid my dad told me to shoot all the blackbirds I saw with my BB gun. So I've killed a lot but never that many at a time. I love the kids answers. You might have some conspiracy theorists on your hands.

    I take offense to the shots at Arkansas by Tara. Not all of Arkansas is boring. Some of it is though.


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