Friday, June 3, 2011

Just a Sip?

"Please Mom, can I have insert beverage of choice here, usually pop a drink, I'll just take a sip." Yeah right, tell that to the bad guy in Indiana Jones, Search for the Holy Grail. 

 Moms hear this all the time. I guess Dads do too, but not being one I can't say with certainty. Boy has definitely asked me this every day of his life since he could talk more than once. So, it was not surprising to hear Youngest utter these words, it was the context that startled.

Upon waking the blissfully slumbering little dear their horns are definitely out of sight while they rest rolled to the side throwing her arm out of the blankets, and began reaching blindly around her bed. "Only a couple of school days left, hop up!" I declared in a chipper whisper.

Still blindly reaching, patting, and searching her bed she said, "Ok Mom, just let me get a little sip of my mi-mi first." Tucking her comforting blankie AKA mi mi into her chin she snuggles back into the pillow for a "sip" of quiet before another day begins.

Hey Babe, whatever gets you through the day!


  1. Love fact, I am gonna go get some sips of Mi-Mi soon too....LOTS of sips LOL


  2. ha, cute! A sip of Quiet- sound nice.


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