Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Even without the traditional hallmarks of seasons that grace the majority of this country, there still exist sure signs of spring here in Sunnyville. If you happen to have teens at home these signs are clear, and if you happen to work with these pubescent creatures the signs are neon, flashing, and practically scream at you on a daily basis.

My first inclination of spring stems not from trees budding and flowers blooming, that happens here all year. No, instead it sprang forth from showering. Yes, showering. Anyone who has known or been i would assume a young teen boy knows showering while important for hygienic reasons, is not a top priority in the average 13 year-olds life. So, when Boy began showering without prodding or reminders everyday before school, I noticed.

In jokingly making a comment about a possible crush leading to the showering, I inadvertently triggered a blush reflex in Boy that began at his feet and traveled up to his scalp. Of course, being the respectful mother I am I let it go...okay no way did that happen. After some teasing and jest the confirmation that there was not only a crush but a "girlfriend" came to light.

I did a brief - okay 3 day - freak-out and then took Hubby's counsel to heart. A girlfriend at school and on facebook is not dating. So, I am somewhat at ease...and thankful that they are not in classes together.

In the classroom these signs are more overt and often related to giggling glances and note passing. Yes, paper and pencil notes still exist despite the best efforts of technology. So, it should have been no surprise when I watched a young lady trying to inconspicuously pass something to a young man seated in front of her.

Guessing it was a mint or candy of some type, I stopped the lesson, looked directly at them and waited. I was 3 feet away and still she tried to unburden herself knowing I was watching. I announced, "Well ---, go ahead and give it to ---- so we can all move on." "Really? Ok," she replied and handed him an intricately folded piece of paper.

"A NOTE?" I gasped in my best shocked-at-you voice. I really did think it would be a candy or mint.

"Not from me!!" She replied, "I am just the messenger!!"

Of course the boy in question was quick to offer to throw said note away and the girls-in-the-know were quickly spreading word of the contents of said notes between giggles while the boy tried his best to shred all evidence over the recycling bin.

In the space of a minute the entire class knew what the note said, except me - though I could guess. This is when one student stage-sneakily made her way to the bin and brought me a piece of the offending paper. Then as she was handing it to me she stage whispered that --- had asked ---- to go-out with her. To which the note-writer yelped, "It was a dare!"

Aww. Isn't spring grand? Only another month of hormones until summer.

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