Friday, August 31, 2012

Midlife Crisis?

There I was, just finishing up my daily dose of fiction via on-demand TV and the theme music from Friends catches my ear. When was this on? Checking the air date I see it was 1999. My brain starts spinning...birth of Boy, move back to Sunnyville, career.

Jeez, I wasn't doing anything the friends were keeping busy with, though I was near the depicted age. Was I missing out? Is there some neccessary rite I neglected? Images of my first apartment, various jobs and activities flicker by.

In the quiet of my home I consider my sleeping family. From Hubby to Teen to Baby K...

Nope. Nothing missed in my life.

A midlife reflection in the space of a theme song.


  1. wow boys is just amazing even tho you only mentioned him once in this one - boy

  2. Yes, are pretty great - and humble too! :-)


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