Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Envy?? Frustration?? Who Cares?

*Open letter to the chatty moms*

Dear Social Mom,

Please understand before I arrived in the parent drop-off line this morning: I woke to obsessively tweak my daily lesson plans. My tea and planning were interrupted by cries for Little Bear and the struggle to work around a cuddly toddler who insisted she sit upon my laptop. All before the sun lightened the sky. 

Then the whirlwind of preparing for school which consists of the normal rallying of the troops, calls to shower, eat, and care for pets ensued. The day's clothing plan was discarded because the iron seems to have had enough of my family and fled. 

Time was made to stop at not one but 2 different banks while juggling toddler morning snack and daycare drop-off. Once back home I quietly counted to 10 more than once while sibling bickering punctuated overly dramatic whines of pain as I attempted to pull a comb through the snarled, damp, nest atop Youngest's head.

In the 10 minutes left it was imperative lunches be made, bikes be placed in the van, not one but three field trip forms were shoved in my face more calm, cleansing breaths and ah crap it is garbage day.

I do not recount my prework hours for glory or praise. I tell this so you understand that while you may have all morning to park in the middle of the drop-off lane and chat to a friend who is standing in the crosswalk I am busily fretting over each second and mentally preparing for an ensuing parent-teacher conference. By this point my counting and deep breaths have worn thin. 

So get the heck out of my way, or I may just run you over. Whether the motive is frustration, overload, or pure envy will be difficult to decipher - but regardless, all the parents behind me with hectic schedules will applaud my actions and testify on my behalf.

Parents with Places to Be

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