Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Standing Up

How many times do we tell them - it's better to walk away? Inside the constant hum of adulthood we recognize the rationale of this statement. At a time of zero tolerance with a kindergartner facing suspension for biting a pop-tart into a fun gun shape, we worry about long-term consequences of a quick spat.

But that is not our children's world. 

Theirs is a world of potential ridicule. Where doing the right thing can mean a label that sticks for life or what feels that way in high school. Taking a stand requires not only knowing what is right - 

It takes self control and confidence.

How many of us would keep our temper? Study your fellow drivers in traffic for a moment. Look at the irritated customer and the shop clerk.

Not enough. It takes effort. It takes knowing the outburst solves nothing. It takes STRENGTH to refocus.

I too have been guilty. I bet we all have. Which is why I applaud Boy. The obstacles he has overcome and the strength he showed remind me how PROUD I am of him everyday.

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