Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The blogging world...

Ok, I am not sure how this happened - but I may need help!

I started my blogging adventures by simply reading weaselmomma, she is a dear friend and it seemed an easy way to keep in touch. Then my friend nonna started blogging, ok 2 to read, I can handle that. Soon I had my own account, to simplify comment making.

Now I am reading all kinds of blogs and not using my productive morning time...well, productively. I am reading and making comments and just lounging! I feel compelled to read and leave a comment, as I would like anyone who reads here to do....*hint hint*

I have to admit that I had always considered blogging as something my husband did, to set-up World of Warcraft raids etc. (well that and the "news" people). Now I fear I am becoming hooked!

Oh - shoot! I have to change the laundry and get the morning going! See - late again! Should I be looking into a 12 step program?


  1. We are so happy to have sucked you into our world! No 12 steps needed! Now you have to come to the convention in Chicago this July!(and you are coming) And don't forget to monitor a** growth over the next 6 months.

  2. There is no blogging for least none that I've found yet. Hmm....maybe I should do a search. Thanks for the idea!!

  3. oh no! you've given bry another reason to be on the puter! you'll never get to read all your blogs now! oh, wait. YOU have a laptop. bitch. hehe so how many blogs are you up to now? you need to add a blog roll to your sidebar so i can monitor your habit :)

    hmmm seems like a remember a conversation not too long ago that went something like, "i'm not gonna be reading a bunch of blogs. i'm just on here to read you and weaselMomma" mmuuuhhhahhahaha

  4. Didn't WeaselMomma and Nonna warn you that the blogosphere is highly addictive? I was a blog reader long before I started mine, now it is a struggle to do both the reading and writing on top of doing what I am supposed to do. I am screwed at this point given my current single and childless status but you have three little resources. Make THEM do the chores so you can have more blogging time!


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