Saturday, January 3, 2009

I was thinking...

I guess you could say talkativeness (if it's a word) runs in my family. My children have inherited this trait and my son has a severe case. When he was in pre-k, my hubby & I were working to have him think without the need to share every thought in his head. His stream-of-conscience conversation was a standard after-daycare-drive-home dialouge.

So one day I was listening to his chatty voice talking about one thing or another in his day, but I wanted to hear the I said, "Hey bud, why don't you think some things inside your head for a while?" My accommodating little guy replied, "Ok mom."

A very few minutes - maybe 2 - passed and he says, all innocence and excitement, "MOM, MOM, guess what - I was thinking something inside my head! I was thinking at school......"

And as he chatted along sharing his thoughts again, I thought 'Ok, I surrender, verbal learners must speak'


  1. this is exactly why I wrote to Coors Light on behalf of us Moms! Wave that white flag. He could be a radio talk show host!

  2. Hey, I say enjoy it now!! In a few short years he will be a clammed up, unsocial teenage boy!!

  3. ugh, she said the t word. r- is not allowed to turn into a teenager! one is enough. isn't there some kind of anti-growth hormone we could give to r- & k-??

    oh wait. i forgot. you actually LIKE teenagers. dang. don't guess i can talk you into the anti-growth thing.

    hey, you, me, & weaselMomma in a hotel room in chicago this summer for the blogher conference. what do ya think? sounds like fun to me!

  4. ~weaselmomma: yup, they should definitely give you the job - I hate warm beer.

    ~Kel: I doubt he will ever clam-up, but you're right time is precious.

    ~nonna: Teens are hilarious! You have to be open to their ironies for full appreciation!


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