Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Female Scare

We had a scare at my house. No, no one jumped out from behind a door and yelled, "BOO!" It was more of a "Hmm, shouldn't there have been something by now" scare. Yes, I know I am in the middle of my 3rd decade of life and I should have this stuff under control - apparently I don't.

So, I spent about a week trying to remember the things that were taking place in my life the last time I had seen this visitor. See, for the past 2 years this visitor has been dropping by unannounced and early. Sometimes visiting within 2 weeks of the the last interruption, but usually waiting until 3 weeks. This is the type of visitor who just has a knack for showing up at the wrong time. Stopping to call with great frequency. In the absence of this guest (for more than a month), my heart was skipping beats left and right.

I am happy with my life. I love my 3 children and if there were more of everything - money, time, money - I would be good to go. But there isn't, so I am content. Hubby fluctuated between insisting we stop to pick-up a test and reminding me that there have been many stressors in my life recently. He even went as far as to say, stress makes "visitors" come late. Really? He knew that! (Could have knocked me down with a feather.) I relented and said if there was no word by Saturday, I would stop at the drug store.

Friday evening an unannounced visitor arrived.

I was telling this to my oldest sister on Sunday. She told me that I am turning into an old crone. Ok, well she didn't use those words exactly, but the meaning was clear. Seems it can start early and her doctor told her to prepare her sisters. Great. I have dreamed of a visitor free life since I was 12 and here that time may be coming sooner than I anticipated. I should be thrilled - right? So, why is it that my mind keeps returning to this thought at random times? I am happy with my family - but somehow the idea that soon my choice will be taken away has me in a tizzy. I guess I'll just chalk it up to hormones.


  1. You are too funny! It's time for 1 more while you still can. That would at least stop uninvited guests for 9 months.

  2. Just be careful. It can take years to go through the "change". And change of life babies happen all the time.

  3. ~weaselmomma: did you not see my time/money and add energy issue??

    ~kathy:are you cursing me?

  4. ummm be extra careful and then just play with your nephew :)

    as much as i would like a nice even 4, 2-boys 2-girls (i think i'm turning ocd) i think you're right about having more of everything.

    although babies are really cute and they smell good sometimes too :)

  5. Change of life baby??? One more while you still can??? Are you all nuts?

  6. We could have a a baby!!
    But that's just nasty. :)
    Love Brenna and Guin in 3rd period.

  7. ~nonna: and sometimes they smell REALLY BAD!

    ~bry: You tell them honey! They are all nuts! (plus look what your kid had to say - hehehe)

    ~biteme & it3: no we are NOT having a baby! You will have to make due with your cousin!

  8. ~biteme & it3: GO BACK TO YOUR CLASS WORK!!!

  9. I know a family of 4 sisters, the eldest had early menopause and the rest have not. In fact one of them thought due to her "advanced" age and diabetes she couldn't have a kid, my godson is almost 4 =)! Just sayin' ;)

    Maybe it is good to be behind on the blog reading, I get to read all the funny comments this way, lol!


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