Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's a Deal!

As a child I attended the drive-in with surprising regularity. There was a drive-in near my home and even one near the cottage - where there is really not much of anything else. I can remember seeing episodes of Star Wars, Rocky (who knows what #), even Clue. It was in a drive-in that I caught my first glimpses of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, in stolen glances at the screen behind us.

The car would be loaded with pillows, blankets, popcorn, and people. We would park and the speaker would be propped in an open window. After the bitterly cold winters of the Midwest, the drive-in was a summer adventure.

So, when I arrived as a teen in Sunnyville, it was with shock that I discovered there were no drive-ins near my home. In this land of sun and fun where a drive-in could be used to greatest profit there were NONE. Oh, I heard tales of their existance, but the distance made it improbable that this would ever serve as an evening's entertainment.

It was with all of this knowledge that I decided to find the nearest drive-in. Using the convenience of the web, I began a search. I had heard tales this type of movie theater might exist an hour south of me. Nope, it was closed. But there are some north. I searched, mapped, and looked at the movie offerings. The more I searched, the more I felt driven to share this experience with my children. "Ok, it is a bit far," I acknowldege that. But, once determination sets-in it is difficult to derail me.

Hubby balked a bit at the distance, but through use of practiced cajoling, he relented. I popped the corn, packed the snacks, loaded the kids and we hit the road. A short hour-and-a-half (80 miles) later we had arrived! It was a double feature - Night at the Smithsonian & X-Men Origins. The last movie ended after midnight and the drive home was long... but I still contend it was worth it! Tell me, where else can a family of 5 see 2 new movies for a total of $14?


  1. I have never been to a drive in. My brother talks about the one in his hometown all the time. I feel like I am missing out. Maybe some day I can find one.

  2. Oh, it's been so long since I've been at the drive-in! They were so much fun. I saw a few movies with the family, as well as some with my friends. I don't think there's any near here anymore. They've all been shut down and the land sold to developers. Drive-ins and summer nights bring back such nostalgic feelings.

  3. ~otter: you gotta try one - just a fun experience.

    ~surprised mom: when i told me sis - in chicagoland about it, she said she knows of at least 2 near her - which begs the ? why? It's cold there 8 months of the year!

  4. i feel so lucky! they have opened TWO drive-ins near us the last few years. the closest one is 20 min away and is $5/person for a double feature! unfortunately, hubby is a total lightweight and can't stay awake through the 2nd (sometimes the 1st!) movie :) LOVE they are bringing back the if i just had a trunk in my van to sneak more people in...


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