Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Rants (and Raves)

I do not usually do this - ok sometimes I do this - but today I am going to rant. Today's topic is Hollywood. After reading this article (go on look, I'll still be here), I nearly coughed my diet coke all over the place. The mayor of LA, despite its 530 million dollar DEFICIT says the city will pay for the memorial.

REALLY? It cost 1.4 million - how many more teachers, police, firemen, and city workers will lose their jobs or take a cut in pay so that an alleged child molester could have a roaring send off into whatever afterlife he deserved? The mayor says they don't charge families for police etc at funerals. Does this really count as a typical funeral? It seems that even folk like me, who avoid sensational news couldn't avoid this. This wasn't a funeral - it was an EVENT. Ughhhh!

While I'm ranting about Hollywood, let me say something else. Fairy Tales and stories of the "dark" serve a purpose in society - they always have. Good triumphs over evil, strong virtues lead to accomplishment etc. So, one director or writer comes along and says - no I want a crappy pitiful ending - it's artistic. Now, every flippin movie has to be "artsy" and pull a "surprise" ending. Hollywood, it is no longer artistic, it is trite! Get over yourselves, while I acknowledge that not every ending needs to be happy - the ending should serve a purpose! (and not just to leave room for a sequel)

Ok, enough ranting. Some raves:

1) Weaselmomma is having a give-away promotion. You should go to her site and check it out. Not only is she giving stuff away, she is really funny and practical. If you are strapped for time read her "posts actually worth reading". You'll have fun!

2) I recently bought Hugs for our camping trip. If you haven't seen them, they are little kool-aid type drinks in these mini-barrel containers. Now, usually I avoid them like the plague. Always believing they were full of sugar and very bad for the kids. However, while at the store, I took time to compare and they only have 3g of sugar and 10 calories. Of course water is better - but sometimes the kids want flavor, and who can blame them?

3) If you have kid readers at home, I highly recommend the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series. I read them for work (one of the perks is reading YA fiction all the time), then handed them to Boy. They are modern-day, but incorporate Roman Mythology in high-action adventures that even include a few girl characters that are smart and tough. He ate them up. Reading the entire series in just over a week.

Guess that's it, I am kinda all over the place today! Feel free to leave a rave or rant comment of your own! What have you recently discovered that you love or is driving you crazy?


  1. My wife is a sixth grade teacher and is totally into reading YA books all the time. She says it's for research, but I think she secretly likes them.

    BTW I'm as mad as you are about the LA mayor and his decision. Take the money for crying out loud...

  2. ~mike: I really do like them (but don't tell my old lit teachers that!)Thanks for your comments!

  3. YA rocks! Harry Potter, Twilight, The House of Night series...these are all supposedly YA. guess i'm just never gonna grow up.

    i was already mad at all the coverage they showed of michael and how they just completely dropped poor farah fawcette (or however you spell her name). she was somebody that cancer victims could look up to. not a child molester who, come on, had enough money to get off so he is still "alleged". but to hear that the city is paying for his funeral?? ridiculous. my great-grandmother just passed away and she had paid for her funeral in full, up front. we thought. then the funeral home says we owe an additional $1,500 bucks! and he gets a free funeral??!! B.S. !


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