Thursday, December 3, 2009

Boys are Different

Having a 5 year-old in the house is an exhausting amazing prospect. The world transitions from hands-on exploration to cognitive deduction and reasoning, at times I swear that you can see the gears turning in their heads. This was certainly the case this past weekend.

We were blessed with the opportunity to care for my 18 month-old nephew for the practically sleepless night of Thanksgiving and the following day. After a morning filled with mom & dad shopping activity, it was time for lunch and a well-deserved nap. While preparing Nephew for his rest, Youngest came in to gloat say good night.

I was just changing his diaper when she took a good look at him. (apparently the first look she has taken in the 5 months he has lived in Sunnyville) She looked to me with questions clearly ready to spring from her lips. Watching her confusion settle into a controllable flow, I completed the diaper change. Youngest then asked, "Is that long circle thing gonna be stuck on his bumm forever?"

"Yup," was all I could manage without bursting into giggles.

After a few moments of gear turning she asked, "So all boys have that kind of bumm?" In response to my second "Yup" she replied "Oh." In a voice better fitted to finding a smashed bug on your shoe.

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  1. Ha, she feels bad that he is stuck with that thing forever! Talk about women's intuition and knowing that is boys biggest obstacle in getting through life.


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