Friday, June 18, 2010

Dad's Stories

I could have been listening to a recording. The morals and analogies echoing in my ears were as familiar as a comfortable pair of slippers. The tone was calm and meaningful and at some points the inflection was so accurate I was tempted to sneak a peek into the backseat. But, it would do no good. 
It was not my father lecturing my teenage self. It was me! Lecturing Teen!
Her trespass, though not worthy of writing about, was enough to make me angry as all hell. And it was in this state of heightened emotional distress that I seemed able to channel my father's spirit directly through my words. Amazing really, how quickly we can become our parents. Teen sat stoically answering when one was required, enduring the uncomfortable silences when I was counting to 10 in my head so I wouldn't kill her I paused the conversation for reflection. No sign of listening was readable on her face or in her actions.
But, I know she was absorbing every word. Just as I had when my father gave them to me. So, to my storytelling father who always has a point, and all fathers everywhere I wish you a Happy Father's Day! Your work is not in vain, as children we hear your messages and they become part of who we are.

Now, it's FatherHood Friday. So, go ahead, click the link to head over to DadBlogs and take a break to read some wonderful blogs by some wonderful people!


  1. It's funny how often we catch ourselves channeling our parents. It's both a curse and a blessing.

  2. My oldest daughter is just now at the age where decision she makes will affect WAY more than just her. So I hope and pray your words are true.

  3. Strangely enough I can't channel my father. I only hear my mother when i lecture my children. But, The Mister is sounding more and more like his father everyday, especially when he lectures the girls.
    Seriously, I hope they do remember all that he has taught them, because he has taught them well.

  4. Great post.And it's funny how often we catch ourselves doing exactly the same things as our parents that we used to swear we would never do. It's only now that I realize what a lovely and wonderful person my mom is.


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