Tuesday, June 29, 2010

If the Name Fits

My husband came home from the gym last week and said we were going to have a house guest coming the next day for a week. There was no need to kill him as this guest did not require the beds to be stripped and remade or even a spotless house. We would be dog sitting for a friend of his. A little wiener dog, appropriately named, Oscar.
The kids were thrilled, I was underwhelmed. (but supportive - good karma and all that) Tuesday am the little guy made his appearance. Complete with little cage and unexplainable large food and water bowls. He happily integrated himself into the house and yard, barely casting a backwards glance to his owners. He hasn't cried or whined once. He has had exactly one accident. All-in-all he is nearly the perfect guest. 
EXCEPT he is driving our Daisy insane. She can not be on the ground for more than 5 minutes without the dirty old man bothering her. She has taken many different approaches to the issue. She has tried moving away, growling, nipping, and whining at my feet. Nothing phases him. He is determined to be near her. The fact that his parts don't work and she is disgusted doesn't phase him a bit. Daisy now gets to sit on the couch for the week as wiener-dog tries diligently to live up to his name.


  1. No whining and only having one accident in the house is what you consider a near perfect house guest?
    That's good know the next time I'm in your neck of the woods.

  2. I had to watch cats for my Japanese neighbor once. I don't like cats and I tried to tell him no, but he wouldn't take no for an answer. He brought be back gifts for it. Good Karma and all like you said.


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