Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Challenge

It appears I have actually entered blogging - as a wonderful friend, weaselmomma
has included me in her meme. I am to find the 4th photo in my 4th file and post it with explanation. This sounds easy - right? Well, it requires me to learn new skills *nail biting* as I ask my teen how to post a pic and navigate the link option... The 4th folder on this computer is my teen's file of photos, so I will pick the 4th family-ish photo we'll see how it goes...

OK - that wasn't sooo bad. It was just well, 3 or 4 attempts to put it where I wanted. This pic is appropriately New Years Eve - 2007. Yes, those are small children sitting outside a bar in downtown Seashore - in the gutter! On the plus side - we didn't leave them home to fend for themselves - and they have icecream. When we parked them here to eat their icecream, they (my 2 younger ones, my nieces & nephew, and family friends) said - hey this is where we sat last year! Yes, our tradition is placing our children in the gutter, letting them hop puddles, and eat crud before we head home to eat more crud, light fireworks, let off silly string (which I have been told will cause my death if I bring it again), and let them all (even my princess New Year) stay up to welcome another year! So - happy New Year!


  1. cool pick and congrats you did it!

  2. Weaselmomma sent me. nice photo! read the followingblog and will pray for her.

  3. ha! i love it and i'm very proud of you. you done good. new name for munchkins, no longer bleacher creatures or rug rats, they are now gutter grunts!

  4. ~thanks weaselmomma
    ~Oscar - nice to see you.
    ~nonna - LOL - let's not call them that.


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