Monday, December 29, 2008

The Christmas Update

We have had much to be thankful for this holiday season, I myself am especially grateful not to have been digging out of snow on a daily basis while trying to prepare for Christmas. Sadly, I can not say the same for my children - well child. The smallest has no clue what snow is really about, as she has not experienced the fluffy, slushy white stuff outside of her picture books and TV. The middle child is really too accomodating to complain much about anything, but the oldest - well let's just say that she always makes her feelings clear to the world, especially when there is an injustice involved.

In her eyes the biggest injustice is that Christmas was not even cool this year - it was hot. Christmas Eve began with humidity so high the air was turned down to accommodate the last minute tidying and wrapping that would take place. After Mass we headed to Grandma's house to dine and visit. The air conditioning in the van is making a very strange noise - so we went with windows down. The oldest was not pleased with this and made it clear to everyone in the car that living by the seashore is stupid, because everyone knows Christmas should be cold and snow covered. We reminded her (for the umpteenth time) that she has spent 14 of her 15 Christmases here and we should definitely be beyond this EVERY Christmas. We reminded her again that we are celebrating in a more authentic way, since the actual birth was in the spring and Bethlehem doesn't get much snow.... all to no avail. And I do have to admit inwardly that it is strange to celebrate when it is sweating weather - versus sweater weather.

I am happy to report that she did gain the Christmas spirit as the evening went along and Christmas morning (which began at 5am) was a glorious success, with Santa knocking them dead with his ability to get each child - or family - just the right gift. In our house we spent all morning and most of the afternoon playing with the Wii and Guitar Hero - World Tour that he gave to all of us. The Christmas carols played quietly and everyone was content. There was so much goodwill that we heard no weather complaints, even though it was warm enough to eat outside. We spent the weekend hiding out at home enjoying our family and new gifts, with not even the oldest asking to visit friends, and me not even visiting the grocery store until last night. Today I am sure that things will all change, but the memory will linger....


  1. Next year you will just have to celebrate here! The two teens can commiserate about how awful their lives are! Kiss them all for me!

  2. What if we went up north for Christmas next year and the kids got to shovel all the snow and dig the cars out? Think they'll want the sun and fun after that?

  3. Tag, you're it! I 'm tagging you with a meme. Come see what it's all about.

  4. haha you got tagged! lol i still can believe that all 3 kids played nice all day without bickering or begging to be let out of the house! you're either really lucky or maybe, just maybe, you might be raising good kids afterall! lol
    tell 'em all hi and that if they are really lucky they might get ME for a present
    ... someday...
    and tell ry-guy i am saving my pennies so someday can be sooner instead of later cuz i know its my turn to visit :) i can't wait to come play wii w/yall!

  5. ~nonna, you know you're always welcome.
    ~weaselmomma, thanks snow is one thing, but the winters there are too cold!


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