Friday, February 20, 2009

Double Digits!

My son turned 10 yesterday - yes he is now a double digit. In recognition of his birth, I offered to throw him a party. He responded that he would not like a party (something that many parents have never encountered and would probably appreciate). Just the 2 days spent discussing and deciding not to have a party made him nervous. So, no party. But what to do to make this big day a wonderful celebration for him? We would stick to the traditions of the family...

Birthday Dinner: boy, "I decided what to have for my birthday dinner."
me, "Oh-yeah, what will it be sir?" (fully expecting homemade spaghetti & meatballs)
boy, "I want lobster. And ice cream cake for dessert."
me, "I don't even know how to cook a lobster! Ok...we'll (meaning me) figure it out."
It is a tradition...why do I do this to myself? So, we had surf & turf. Grilled lobster tails and steak along with accompaniments. (Plus extra for friend next-door to have dinner with boy)

Treats for school: This is arguably the high point of birthdays for boy. He gets to show the class that indeed, it is his day and share a treat. He needed extra for music & art teachers as well as kids on the bus. Almost 2 full pans of brownies to create his special day.

Presents: This area was proving tricky. Boy had not mentioned a single item on his birthday wish list - he was completely mum on the subject. Yesterday morning (there is nothing like the last minute) I asked if there were any hints he would like to give for a gift idea.
boy, "Just get me something I would like."
me, "Yeah, but what might that be?"
boy, "You've known me my whole life, you know what I like."
Ahhh - the pressure! So we went simple...

Books, because that's how we roll (& I've always wanted the set). Balanced nicely by a new (uneaten by dogs) soccer ball.

Sham-wow, because, well it was just fun! Now he won't have to announce to the house every time he sees the commercial on TV!

And, in place of a party he would need a mask and fins for our snorkeling with the manatees trip this weekend.

This was a grueling decision, as I had to research charters/prices/times. This was the ONE thing boy had been talking about for a few weeks.

But, somehow the best surprise wasn't. He seemed to know that we would be snorkeling this weekend - why, I have no idea - it is freezing out (in the 40's at night). Teen was present, but not enthusiastic, it seems the snorkeling trip will interfere with her carnival plans - oh well. We will drag her into the car at 6 on Saturday - she won't even know what hit her! And then she can go to the carnival on Sunday - if we don't all die from frostbite! BRRRRRR - it'll be cold!


  1. He's so cute! I love the look on your daughter's face. She is so "whatever".

  2. DOUBLE DIGITS!!!!! I'm going to be sick. He is his father's son, so easy going. Next time I want to be his friend for birthday dinner!
    Happy Birthday little man.

  3. ~kel: thanks! I think she was in the "ice cream cake zone"!

    ~weaselmomma: You are welcome anytime! (after all you were there through the pregnancy & infancy)

  4. no excitement of the manatee trip??? wtf! darn kids. they can screw up a photo op so easily.

    freaking histerical that he wanted a sham-WOW lol i kinda want one too

    can't wait to see the pics from the trip. maybe you'll even get that elusive "teenager smile pic"


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