Monday, February 16, 2009


In the land by the shore, there are many changes taking place. Changes, I have to remind myself, are great signs of independence and NOT signs that I am getting old.

Teen is a huge music fan. She has been since she was in elementary school. This has led hubby and me to bring her (alone at first & now with friends) to concerts. Not Disney band concerts that are a fav. among many, but concerts such as Warped Tour, Bowling for Soup, & Paramore. So, in a sense, as nonna so blithely pointed out, we have no one to blame but ourselves. But when she went last night with 2 girlfriends to a benefit concert, one that I had researched and went in briefly to check out, I still had to call for moral support to leave the parking lot. It isn't that I worry about her choices, she is far more level-headed than I was at 14. It is that she is so independent! Ughh - I don't feel older, but it must be happening!

Boy, who is as unpredictable as he is sweet, has recently made dinner for the family. He cooked! He looked at me one eve and said, "Mom, I'll cook." Awwww! Mac & Cheese and green beans - not the most nutritious dinner - but a meal non-the-less. The strutting as he announced to everyone that dinner was done and he had cooked (w/just a little help), was a priceless moment. And a reminder that he too is becoming independent.

Youngest is learning to write, and we can now identify 2 out of 3 pictures as objects. A sure sign that she too is growing-up.

All these milestones, while necessary and glorious, are sure reminders that time is precious and ever-passing. "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may" is resonating in my head. So, I will do what any parent would, I will go tuck-in my children and revel in the moment, while being thankful for quiet time at the end of a busy day!


  1. You can't be getting older, 'cause I know I haven't. It all happens too fast.

  2. you have a very beautiful way of capturing the changes of age and the fact that yes, we are all growing old, even your babies.

    don't worry you'll soon have babies, more than you wanted, running around on all fours :))

  3. oh, and i can teach you how to give linky love when you talk about a fellow blogger. call me when you're done cooking. i'll hook you up with twitter too.

  4. Throw a can of tuna in the mac and cheese and it is totally nutritious! I guess I shouldn't complain that my little Niecey is growing up too fast since I grew up and moved out on my mother who is so not ready for this having a grown up independent daughter thing, lol. She does love that she can come visit me here as a cheap vacation and break from the rest of the family. Oh and my itty bitty little Niecey is growing up WAY too fast!

  5. ~weaselmomma: Nahh - we can't be getting older! I still don't even feel like a grown-up!

  6. ~nonna: lol - puppies are not exactly babies, and they will leave- we hope!

    ~microbiologist: maybe, but tuna in mac and cheese just sounds yucky!

  7. I love that she enjoys music!! SHe could be into worse, that's for sure!


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