Monday, February 23, 2009

Manatee Monday

Boy's birthday was the excuse reason that my family of 5 was tugging, pulling, and yanking our wetsuits past our hips and into place. We are a warm climate people and there was just something very very wrong with putting on a bathing suit (even with a wetsuit) in 58 degree temps. Yes, it was that chilly! And we were going to swim! But, you have to make hay while the sun shines, and you have to swim with the manatees while they are in the comparatively warm waters of the springs.

Everyone was filled with excitement as they donned their snorkel gear. Teen is smiling on the inside - no really, I'm serious this time!

The water was a brisk 72, so after the initial shock to my system, I was happier to be in than out - youngest needed a few breaks though (mostly to ham it up).

Look mom, there are some manatee! See them over there!

Uhhh - wait a minute - they are right there! Let me hold on to you, for safety, mom.

As boy comes zooming in for the experience.

If you haven't been near manatee, let me explain. They are such a docile creature, it is amazing they have survived. They approach people, seeming to enjoy being stroked, moving off to their sanctuary area when they want to sleep. They are endangered, because they are slow and boats are fast (and often driven by inebriated captains).

Once we all settled into underwater mode, it was a relaxing and exulting experience.

The underwater pictures, sadly, had to be developed and were not available for this posting.


  1. Oh my gosh... that is so awesome!! I love Manatees!!

  2. That looks awesome!!!!! Oh how I wish I had been there!!!!! Great Pics.

  3. ~kel: they are amazing.

    ~weaslemomma: wish you could've been too! It may have been warm for you!

  4. That is so incredibly cool. I'd make some sacrifices to take my family to go swim with manatees. I'm glad there are some left.

  5. ~Tom: They are cool, but you have whale watching. That, too, is amazing.

  6. ok. i give up. from now on, no talking on the phone while i'm looking at your blog. i can't think of one thing to comment that i didn't say on the phone.

    gorgeous pics - i want to see the underwater and videos though. get busy woman


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