Sunday, May 22, 2016

Diverting Laughter

We sat around the kitchen table, enjoying dinner and monitoring the vegetable intake of the younger members. Of course this is prime conversational skill time also known as "What beans? By the way did I tell you about school today?" time. So it came as no surprise that Youngest would seek to divert us with a joke. Preschool jokes tend to fall into 2 categories - they've either memorized a corny old favorite from someplace along the way or they make them up; either way it's a crap shoot.

When she asked us to hear a joke, Boy jumped in with a clear "No." This fell onto deaf ears and she continued merrily on her way, "Where does an ice cream truck driver live?" Hmm, had we heard it before? Is it a pun? Now that the question was out there, we all paused a moment before asking "Where?"

She smiled with mirth as she declared, "In a fire truck!" What? Her giggling was contagious, she really thought it was quite funny and well told - who knows in the preschool classroom this could be a gut buster. We all shared a look of pure incredulity and began to chuckle - laughter is contagious after all. 

At this point Tween decided to play along, "Where does a fireman live?" 

Youngest looked to her in pure wonder, "I don't know - where?" she asked. The inevitable response came, "In an ice cream truck!" To which Youngest vehemently declared, "That's NOT a joke! That's NOT funny!" Which of course sent the entire table into full blow belly laughter.

With the stresses of life waiting around every corner, I'll take laughter anywhere I can get it - even if I don't get the joke. :)