Friday, January 15, 2016

A Day in the Life

It's Friday. Believe it or not, I don't usually count the days until Friday, but this week has been an unusually chaotic one and it is with relief that I look toward the end of my day. Until I realize a good 80-90% of the chaos in my life is at home!

Take Tuesday for example. After work there was a dentist appointment for Tween - which pushed the typical schedule back bit. Yet, a positive mindset prevailed and prompted me to ask for dinner input from the kids once I was home. Loaded with intel I set my mind to cooking - only to discover the kitchen was not set to rights. This of course prompted me to begin lecturing and nagging asking Tween and Boy to take care of their responsibilities. At this point Youngest interrupted to announce the toilet wouldn't flush. *sigh*

I considered, briefly, rousing my husband from his sick-bed to tackle the chore - but empathy prevailed shocking but true. After the usual grossness - which Tween watched with a mixture of horror and awe - the clog unstuck. Released from that focus, I tuned into my surroundings. Horror now furrowed my brow as I noted the state of the children's bathroom. Tween scurried off to retrieve some cleaning supplies and a brief - but thorough cleaning ensued.

Once everything was disinfected especially me I started pulling out the ingredients - glancing through the window to watch Youngest enter the guinea pig castle in the back yard. She was back in record time like spices just pulled from the pantry time and telling me "Harry Potter Pig is very tired! He's still sleeping!"

Insert mental eruption of a volcanic stream of 4 letter words here as I turned toward the child and her stiff, furry, glassy-eyed pet. You can imagine what ensued. Consoling murmurs to ease Youngest and Tween as I carried the rigid little form hither and yon in search of a why can I never find one when I need one? shoebox. As we still had no food, I placed the deceased on the front porch to await his final resting place, disinfected - again - and tried to continue continued the dinner prep. Tween was angst-filled and speculating on the health of the others, as well as blame. So of course, she went to retrieve the other 2 pigs to give them and herself reassurance. This led to an unscheduled check-up - preformed by yours truly to check nails, coats, teeth etc. An urgent need for more vegetables and fruits was proclaimed - by Tween - and I set to work to chop and dice - for the pigs - not the people.

Once everyone was settled, Boy - conspicuously absent to this point, came out to say he was hungry. - Huh. Ya don't say. - Youngest went to get the mail - her favorite job - and I scoured myself and shifted gears from meatloaf  to burgers.  There was a knock, I called come-in, and my friend came in with the stiff little beast in her hands and a questioning look on her face as Youngest protested behind her "Hey! I was just going to show -- my Harry Potter! He's waking up now!" UGH. Return the critter to his make-shift coffin, scrub down myself and Youngest, pass crying child off to her dad, etc etc. you get the idea.

Eventually all this was handled. The kitchen was tidied, the food was ready, the washer & dryer were running, and I was ready to crawl into bed. I settled for changing into clean PJ's - at 7pm - and encouraging the children to use their digital babysitters for a bit. Cast no stones! You know you would do the same Then, PJ clad, I answered the door again - we are so popular! - to another neighbor who received a summons about the ticket Boy got while dog sitting. But that's a story for another day...

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Can't Fool Her

If my house were an ongoing episode of Sesame Street with elements of various family dramas thrown in for interest then we recently had a special segment on the sense of smell. 

The Mr and I sat watching a movie on a weeknight! gotta love vacation. Tween and a friend could be heard creating new smells with a perfume kit. They were trying to perfect a manly smell - which apparently is best achieved with a cross between minty menthol, woodsy pine, and musk. So, sweaty guy at a campfire with sore muscles may be how men smell to tween girls everywhere. The Mr and I were employed periodically in the smell tests, but largely left to enjoy The Hobbit the Battle of the Five Armies in peace while the pork simmered on the stove soon to be pulled, spiced, and made into tamales.

Then onto the scene bursts Youngest. "I'm hungry for dinner now." Hmm, that's a head scratcher since we just finished dinner under an hour ago. After pausing the movie, I pointed this out to the questing child. "OK," she said, "then I am ready for second dinner." Not being hobbits of course - we don't have second dinner, though second breakfast is not unheard of for her but that's another story. 

Following this explanation she promptly transitioned to bloodhound mode. Without missing a beat she tilted her head, nose fully in the air pointing to the ceiling in a perfect scenting-the-prey-pose she proceeded to sniff at the air with exaggerated affect. Three long sniffs. She slowly lowered her head and with a knowing smile pierced us, her unwitting parents, in her gaze and announced, "Someone is tricking me!" Holding our gaze as we both valiantly refrain from bursting into giggles she continued "I smell something delicious. I will eat that!" 

Sadly scent loses out to sight, since she wouldn't touch the completed tamales on a bet.