Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mom's Medicine

Being a parent you become used to the idea that your stuff is up for grabs. Anything from your donut to the pens in your purse somehow transform to community property. This especially seems true of my beverages. On the way to bed, Boy will often try to sneak a sip of my pop and look aghast when I tell him no. I may have found a way to break him of this habit.

It was spring break and we were staying with my sisters and cousins at a beach house in NC. I had just poured a drink and went to use the facilities. Though the house was large, it had the ability to carry sound well, so I was privy to the conversation taking place among the cousins.

Cousin L: "I think that's your mom's pop."

Boy: "It is. I'm thirsty"

Cousin J: "If you drink it all she'll be mad."

Boy: "I'm just gonna have a sip." 

*me hollering uselessly not to touch my pop - sound only carries one way I guess...*

Boy: "AHHH! That's MEDICINE! YUCK!!".. "Cousin L, taste it. It's NOT pop - it's medicine!"

Cousin N: "Can I taste?" *why - I have no idea*

Boy: "Yeah N, taste it. Blech, acchh, blech."

Thankfully I arrived on the scene to rescue my RUM and Diet Coke before Cousin N could imbibe.

Friday, April 1, 2011


At times it feels as though I am treading water in a storm. I have on a bright orange life-vest safety first you know but it is waterlogged and barely keeping my nose above the water line. As one task or difficulty passes, here comes another wave. All I can do at times like these is to be thankful for the vest, and the miracle that is the sun between the clouds.

Yesterday, I finally conquered one recurring wave - my van. Yes, my trusty steed that should have, by all accounts been shot at LEAST a year ago, was put to pasture when I finally bought a new van. It is shiny, clean, and best of all has a warranty!!!

No more will be the mornings I have to deal with shuttering and shaking as the van warms in the drive.
No longer will I repeat "I think I can" on the drive to work. A great motto for life, but a cruddy way to start your day.
No longer will I have to deal with doors that don't want to unlock and sliding doors that stick.

Some sun has shown between the clouds. And for this small blessing I am grateful.