Friday, August 30, 2013

It Sneaks Up


Having Teen away at school is a new normal. As with any change, it takes time for the “new” to wear off and become normal. There are the little jokes, smiles, assists that take place in a hundred different ways - all absent.

 I have been striving for a positive posture, after all she did stay in-state when she was originally going to head off 1200 miles, she is in a positive place doing positive things, and above all I am happy for her. I repeat in my mind when I want to share a joke or a thought

But, it always comes as a surprise when her absence hits me with a bit of emotion. Whether it's a texting session she is having with Boy to help his transition to high school or Baby asking for "MY " I feel a wave of passes over. All part and parcel of growing children I tell myself, give a little smile, a shake of the head and move forward.

Which may be why it came as a surprise that while giving the “parent night speech” 5 times last night, I managed to choke-up each time. Simply by explaining my educational philosophy:

I simply can't imagine why... 

*Happily she is coming home this weekend for the dentist, but I'll take it!