Sunday, August 25, 2013

What is a Marine Cut?

With the advent of High School, Boy has decided it is time to join ROTC.

 Now, if you knew me or Hubby as a teen, you would certainly find this course of action surprising in our offspring. To which my only response is: we raise our children to be their best selves, not us. But I digress.

Joining ROTC involves amounts of paperwork equal to the balancing of the federal budget, possibly in an effort to inoculate students for military bureaucracy. Somehow, in a fog of first day exhaustion we managed to push through and even had the proper papers notarized. Whew, Boy is officially set...

Almost. It seems he needed a haircut. Wait. I just did that - didn't I? After all, I knew this wouldn't fly..

So, we got a decent, above the ears first day of school cut. Not good enough. Boy said, "I need a cut no more than 3 inches and with a fade - whatever that is." 
"It's a military cut," I informed a completely blank stare. "Oh - you know - think Gibbs."
"Gibbs? From NCIS?" Younger squeaks, "He would be cute if he was younger! That is a good haircut, !" I'm sure Boy was greatly reassured that his 9 year-old sister thought he'd be cute

And off we went, for his second "do" in 2 weeks. Leaving the shop today Boy told me if this trend continues he will be completely bald by Labor Day.
Now he is all set - until the dress uniform comes home. Oh, the ironing I see in my future...