Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Title That Fit

If you were to talk to people who knew me in college and late high school, you would hear that I was the grounded one mother-hen. When canoeing down river, it was me who would yell that there could be branches and to check the water depth. I was the voice whispering that taking treasures from a late-night chain eatery wasn't a competition, it was stealing. Sometimes I would feel down on myself, wondering if this trait made me boring.

Then, 15 years ago something happened. It started with a clueless 21 year-old waiting for a friend to stop by after work so we could all grab Chinese food. Sitting on the couch with Hubby, I was laughing my hiney-off and thought - hmmm did I actually laugh so hard I'm wet? I ran for the bathroom and suspected that this may be something more....

After making 3 phone calls to friends and family for confirmation, I gave-in and called the doctor. Yes, my water had broken - 3 weeks early. Wait a minute - this can't happen, the shower is this coming weekend! We have next to nothing!!!

Next to nothing or not, my Teen was soon to be born. With the support of a wonderful mother-in-law, my big sister, and of course my soul-mate, I eventually delivered a beautiful 7lb. baby girl.

Over the years Hubby and I have gone from clueless youngsters to semi-clueless parents. There are hidden delights and bold-faced dangers. And along the way I have learned that those traits of my youth may have made me mothering, but only through the gift of my children have I earned the title mother. Thank you Teen, for beginning the blessings. I love you!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two Tales and an Update

Life has been a bit flighty here. A bit of this and that happening on a regular basis. In tribute, I am doing a bit of this and that in my blog today.

~ One Sunday evening as we were leaving the cousins' house, Youngest who had an exhausting day of sun and pool was having a meltdown. Something about not playing enough, wanting cousins to come to the beach for sunset, etc. Suffice to say we were all trapped in the van listening to the explosion, trying to stop a chain reaction before it could begin. (deep breaths)

As we rounded a corner I caught sight of a figure. Hubby and I glanced at each other and just then the crying stopped.

"Eeewwww! Why is that man with a hose outside in his underwear?" The pure shock and questioning were apparent in her young voice. We all giggled, it couldn't be helped. No use explaining speedo's just be thankful the crying stopped.

~ Last Friday, as I left school there was a bit of commotion outside. A friend and I walked over to a truck parked on the grass in front. Inside was a 7 foot alligator. And outside was the licensed trapper the school had called.

Being the nosy people we are, we asked the principal, standing nearby, what was going on. Seems the district decided that it was time to capture the 7 foot and 14 foot alligators that live in the ponds at school. OK, the area is fenced, but kids being kids relocation seemed like a good idea. So, we asked where they would be relocated.

Nope, no relocation. They are being killed as "nuisance gators." Now, I am not making a stand for the gators, but did anyone tell them that by simply living near the school (for the past 3 years) they were a nuisance? Are there signs for the gators that warn of the school zone? It just seems wrong. And why do you need to call some specialist to come catch them if they are going to be killed anyway? Couldn't anyone do that?

~ Finally a puppy update. They are all doing well. Daisy-mom sometimes looks as if life is a bit tough - but who could blame her. You should see and hear the feeding frenzy after she has taken a break from the puppy room. It is reminiscent of a school of piranha - but with fur and small mewling sounds.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Heart Thawed

I had been suspicious. I was keeping a close eye on the girl, because I suspected something was up. But everything continued along as normal. There were no red flags or warning bells, just the little tickle in the back of my mind that something was definitely going on. As the weeks passed, I became indifferent.

Until the phone call from Hubby.

The one where he says, "Have you looked at her lately?"

"Yeah, I was with her at breakfast," I replied.

"Then how could you not NOTICE? She is as big as a house."

"uh-oh" i thought - we're in for it now.

I was angry at first. This is not the situation in which I wanted to find myself right now. But, really what can you do at this point - nothing.

So, the weeks passed. The waiting became intense. And just when I thought I would go insane with worry and anxiety- she delivered. ELEVEN brand-new, tiny, adorable puppies. (who did you think I was talking about?)

Maybe it was watching the discomfort in her eyes over the past week or maybe it was sitting up with her all night long, trying to be encouraging while my butt went numb on the bathroom floor - but whatever the reason, I am loving these tiny little balls of fur!

And mom, Daisy, reminds me that so much of our lives are instinctual. Watching a new doggy-mom know what to do, taking such good care of 11 babies is incredible.

But then again, whose heart would warm to these little things? So now I have joined the ranks of weaselmomma and suburban scrawl and I too have a new baby in the house!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where is the Pause Button?

Three short weeks ago school started here in Sunnyville and I am sufficiently recovered from the trauma to write about it now. It was a momentous occasion for Youngest and she was appropriately adorable heading off to the playground that morning. Yes, I am that mother. You know the one. She doesn't even walk her kindergartner to class on the first day and instead has older sib, in this case Boy, take the responsibility.

As we neared the school all those last minute instructions poured forth from my mouth to Boy's ears - where I feared they were being ignored.
"Make sure she gets to her class"
"Don't let her forget her supplies"
"Tell your teacher you need to pick her up from class after school"
"Don't lose her at the bus change area" (my kids take 2 buses home everyday)
"Watch out for her!"

Simplified it comes down to - watch over her while I'm not around. As I crept through the parking lot watching her, my guilt-choked heart was in my throat. But, I too had to start a new year. So, I left it up to Boy. And a stellar job he has preformed.

Youngest made it to class and is met by her brother after school each day. He sits beside her on the bus and tells me he has to hold on to her when they are switching buses. It has been an opportunity for him to shine - now it is an opportunity to complain.
"She wiggles on the bus"
"2nd bus is too full - can't I please ride my bike?"
"Now we have 3 to a seat - mom, please let me ride my bike."
Which of course he can't do - because Youngest is too little to ride 2 miles a day and is too little to navigate the whole bus fiasco on her own. Oh-well it was sweet for the 2 weeks it lasted.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Anyone There?

To all three of my adoring fans hi hubby Sunnyville did not fall off the face of the earth and there was no cataclysmic event.

As a mother who has an outside job, I spend a lot of time juggling. And I am no circus clown - trust me on this one. In the past I allow a ball to drop here and there. Laundry can stack-up and I am ok. Cooking can be blown-off and I still feel really good. But, this season I have felt a compulsion to keep those balls in the air along with researching new ideas for work, spending time with my sisters, and of course pumping the kids for information about their new schools/classes. It has been an exhausting task, and the ball that fell was
all of my computer time.

However, I am nothing if not a procrastinator, ummm I mean persistant son-of-a-gun. So, I am back. On the bright side, there is much fodder now that I have been away, so I won't have to resort to stories about cleaning bathroom grout. And I am looking forward to some happy reading time!