Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Title That Fit

If you were to talk to people who knew me in college and late high school, you would hear that I was the grounded one mother-hen. When canoeing down river, it was me who would yell that there could be branches and to check the water depth. I was the voice whispering that taking treasures from a late-night chain eatery wasn't a competition, it was stealing. Sometimes I would feel down on myself, wondering if this trait made me boring.

Then, 15 years ago something happened. It started with a clueless 21 year-old waiting for a friend to stop by after work so we could all grab Chinese food. Sitting on the couch with Hubby, I was laughing my hiney-off and thought - hmmm did I actually laugh so hard I'm wet? I ran for the bathroom and suspected that this may be something more....

After making 3 phone calls to friends and family for confirmation, I gave-in and called the doctor. Yes, my water had broken - 3 weeks early. Wait a minute - this can't happen, the shower is this coming weekend! We have next to nothing!!!

Next to nothing or not, my Teen was soon to be born. With the support of a wonderful mother-in-law, my big sister, and of course my soul-mate, I eventually delivered a beautiful 7lb. baby girl.

Over the years Hubby and I have gone from clueless youngsters to semi-clueless parents. There are hidden delights and bold-faced dangers. And along the way I have learned that those traits of my youth may have made me mothering, but only through the gift of my children have I earned the title mother. Thank you Teen, for beginning the blessings. I love you!


  1. Awwwwww. That is very sweet, Another title that you have rightfully earned.

  2. Sweet post. It also gives me hope that someday I can become a semi-clueless parent. Right now I am firmly entrenched in totally clueless.

  3. awww i got goosebumps :) you're such a good writer! i wish you could find/remember you're blank page poem. you should really get started on a book.

    ~your aunt shannon

  4. Yes this all is true now,and I love you dearly but I knew you in early high school and I would have called you mother then but not quite in the same way.

  5. This is so wonderful. This title is earned by hard work, even if you do call yourself a semi-clueless parent. Aren't we all though? I have two teens and just when I think I got it, well . . .
    I hope your teen enjoyed her day.


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