Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where is the Pause Button?

Three short weeks ago school started here in Sunnyville and I am sufficiently recovered from the trauma to write about it now. It was a momentous occasion for Youngest and she was appropriately adorable heading off to the playground that morning. Yes, I am that mother. You know the one. She doesn't even walk her kindergartner to class on the first day and instead has older sib, in this case Boy, take the responsibility.

As we neared the school all those last minute instructions poured forth from my mouth to Boy's ears - where I feared they were being ignored.
"Make sure she gets to her class"
"Don't let her forget her supplies"
"Tell your teacher you need to pick her up from class after school"
"Don't lose her at the bus change area" (my kids take 2 buses home everyday)
"Watch out for her!"

Simplified it comes down to - watch over her while I'm not around. As I crept through the parking lot watching her, my guilt-choked heart was in my throat. But, I too had to start a new year. So, I left it up to Boy. And a stellar job he has preformed.

Youngest made it to class and is met by her brother after school each day. He sits beside her on the bus and tells me he has to hold on to her when they are switching buses. It has been an opportunity for him to shine - now it is an opportunity to complain.
"She wiggles on the bus"
"2nd bus is too full - can't I please ride my bike?"
"Now we have 3 to a seat - mom, please let me ride my bike."
Which of course he can't do - because Youngest is too little to ride 2 miles a day and is too little to navigate the whole bus fiasco on her own. Oh-well it was sweet for the 2 weeks it lasted.


  1. A. Sounds like Boy is doing a great job. What a great kid.
    2. I love 'that mother'.

  2. am i the only one horrified by the fact that they expect KINDERGARTEN kids to transfer buses?!?! wtf! what if she didn't have boy there to protect her?? sheesh. i was scared to do that when i was 12 and took the greyhound to TN! no, boy! you can't ride your bike. you have to look out for my baby! which idiot made this bus plan?

  3. He's done better than my older 2 boys. Middle 6th grade son now walks to school with Eldest 7th grader. Eldest has been trying to ditch him each day.

    Youngest now in 4th grade has to ride the bus by himself.

    Somehow they are all pulling through!

  4. Sorry I'm commenting so late, but I'm glad I caught up with your blog. I drove the girls to grade school, as their was no bus service. The oldest took public transportation (as mom had her heart in her throat every day freshman year) to high school, as their was no bus service. The youngest takes a school bus to and from school, except when she has after school activities. When I see her board the bus, somehow, I just get sad. When she has to take public transportation, I only breathe easier when she gets off the bus.
    I'm glad the Boy protects his younger sister because most of us are "that mom." Is he still wanting to ride his bike?


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