Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two Tales and an Update

Life has been a bit flighty here. A bit of this and that happening on a regular basis. In tribute, I am doing a bit of this and that in my blog today.

~ One Sunday evening as we were leaving the cousins' house, Youngest who had an exhausting day of sun and pool was having a meltdown. Something about not playing enough, wanting cousins to come to the beach for sunset, etc. Suffice to say we were all trapped in the van listening to the explosion, trying to stop a chain reaction before it could begin. (deep breaths)

As we rounded a corner I caught sight of a figure. Hubby and I glanced at each other and just then the crying stopped.

"Eeewwww! Why is that man with a hose outside in his underwear?" The pure shock and questioning were apparent in her young voice. We all giggled, it couldn't be helped. No use explaining speedo's just be thankful the crying stopped.

~ Last Friday, as I left school there was a bit of commotion outside. A friend and I walked over to a truck parked on the grass in front. Inside was a 7 foot alligator. And outside was the licensed trapper the school had called.

Being the nosy people we are, we asked the principal, standing nearby, what was going on. Seems the district decided that it was time to capture the 7 foot and 14 foot alligators that live in the ponds at school. OK, the area is fenced, but kids being kids relocation seemed like a good idea. So, we asked where they would be relocated.

Nope, no relocation. They are being killed as "nuisance gators." Now, I am not making a stand for the gators, but did anyone tell them that by simply living near the school (for the past 3 years) they were a nuisance? Are there signs for the gators that warn of the school zone? It just seems wrong. And why do you need to call some specialist to come catch them if they are going to be killed anyway? Couldn't anyone do that?

~ Finally a puppy update. They are all doing well. Daisy-mom sometimes looks as if life is a bit tough - but who could blame her. You should see and hear the feeding frenzy after she has taken a break from the puppy room. It is reminiscent of a school of piranha - but with fur and small mewling sounds.


  1. Those puppies are sweet. As for the gators, a .22 round would have saved lots of taxpayer money if they were going that route anyway.

  2. So glad we don't have gators around here. We have lots of deer and a .22 works just fine.

    Puppies are very cute...don't tell my kids :)

    In his underwear? That probably would stop a fit here too...

  3. ~weaselmomma: That is what I was thinking, plus it was kinda sad seeing him waiting for his fate.

    ~OhCaptain: Deer are definitely easier, plus they don't eat you!

  4. i was so afraid you were gonna say that wasn't a "hose" lol guess y'all don't have "ugly naked guys" down there like we have to deal with up here (only occasionally thank goodness)

  5. I'm so glad something came around the corner to divert youngest. LOL I wish I could have seen your and your husband's faces. Priceless.

    I usually don't say this, but poor gators.

    The puppies are adorable, but I can only imagine the feeding frenzy. The photo did elicit an awwwww from me.


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