Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mom's Medicine

Being a parent you become used to the idea that your stuff is up for grabs. Anything from your donut to the pens in your purse somehow transform to community property. This especially seems true of my beverages. On the way to bed, Boy will often try to sneak a sip of my pop and look aghast when I tell him no. I may have found a way to break him of this habit.

It was spring break and we were staying with my sisters and cousins at a beach house in NC. I had just poured a drink and went to use the facilities. Though the house was large, it had the ability to carry sound well, so I was privy to the conversation taking place among the cousins.

Cousin L: "I think that's your mom's pop."

Boy: "It is. I'm thirsty"

Cousin J: "If you drink it all she'll be mad."

Boy: "I'm just gonna have a sip." 

*me hollering uselessly not to touch my pop - sound only carries one way I guess...*

Boy: "AHHH! That's MEDICINE! YUCK!!".. "Cousin L, taste it. It's NOT pop - it's medicine!"

Cousin N: "Can I taste?" *why - I have no idea*

Boy: "Yeah N, taste it. Blech, acchh, blech."

Thankfully I arrived on the scene to rescue my RUM and Diet Coke before Cousin N could imbibe.


  1. Too funny! That will teach him!

    Fortunately my boys are fairly squeamish about sharing drinks and will only do so in extreme circumstances.

  2. I think I like your "medicine!" Pour me some, won't you? My girls have a rule, "What is yours is ours. What is ours is ours." I only grit my teeth occasionally. . .


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