Saturday, January 2, 2016

Can't Fool Her

If my house were an ongoing episode of Sesame Street with elements of various family dramas thrown in for interest then we recently had a special segment on the sense of smell. 

The Mr and I sat watching a movie on a weeknight! gotta love vacation. Tween and a friend could be heard creating new smells with a perfume kit. They were trying to perfect a manly smell - which apparently is best achieved with a cross between minty menthol, woodsy pine, and musk. So, sweaty guy at a campfire with sore muscles may be how men smell to tween girls everywhere. The Mr and I were employed periodically in the smell tests, but largely left to enjoy The Hobbit the Battle of the Five Armies in peace while the pork simmered on the stove soon to be pulled, spiced, and made into tamales.

Then onto the scene bursts Youngest. "I'm hungry for dinner now." Hmm, that's a head scratcher since we just finished dinner under an hour ago. After pausing the movie, I pointed this out to the questing child. "OK," she said, "then I am ready for second dinner." Not being hobbits of course - we don't have second dinner, though second breakfast is not unheard of for her but that's another story. 

Following this explanation she promptly transitioned to bloodhound mode. Without missing a beat she tilted her head, nose fully in the air pointing to the ceiling in a perfect scenting-the-prey-pose she proceeded to sniff at the air with exaggerated affect. Three long sniffs. She slowly lowered her head and with a knowing smile pierced us, her unwitting parents, in her gaze and announced, "Someone is tricking me!" Holding our gaze as we both valiantly refrain from bursting into giggles she continued "I smell something delicious. I will eat that!" 

Sadly scent loses out to sight, since she wouldn't touch the completed tamales on a bet.

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  1. ah man, but tamales are so good. she'll come around. maybe.


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