Sunday, December 21, 2008

welcome to the shore

Here at the shore life is peaceful, filled with moments of silent reflection, and gives adults plenty of time to catch up on their reading and relaxation......If you are buying this I have a bridge I could sell you, that coincidentally leads to the shore.

In all reality, this blog started simply because I wanted to be included as a follower of my friends' blogs and - it started an account! I have left it blank as I struggled with what I could possibly write about, and came to the conclusion - a personal mantra of mine - that everyone has a story, so here I am. I am a mother of three, a wife, and a teacher, among the various other hats I wear - daughter, sister, friend, plumber - try to get kids to plunge a toilet, a bus driver - my morning route alone takes an hour, and the list goes on..

Lately I have been a personal shopper. As I have bustled from mall to discount store and back again, I have been grateful for many things. I am grateful that I can shop this year, money is tight everywhere and this year we have been blessed to be just as broke as we are every other year. As a result, I try to give to every bell ringer I pass, this way of behaving (even in rough times) might explain why we are not wealthy. I am grateful - can't tell you how much - that it is Christmas break. I am grateful that my husband will be off of work to share much of this
time (work). My house will be filled with children - some of which will not be mine - for the next 2 weeks. They will be under foot, loud, and occasionally bickering - but they will also be baking, sharing time and memories - and this makes me glad. This brings me to the title of the post - finally - I am glad I live in the southeast. I can easily send the scampering children through the door to complete bickering in the great out-of-doors. The weather here is such that no pause is required to search for mittens, hats, boots, or even a coat - heck getting my children to wear footwear requiring laces is almost impossible when they are not in school. When I view the weather reports containing scenes of beautiful snow covered trees, there is a fleeting twinge that we are missing something. That twinge quickly fades as we drive over the bridge, watching sailboats make their way down the intercoastal. So, this is me and my blog - welcome.


  1. yeah!! i knew you couldn't stay silent forever :) and i also knew you were full of it after reading the 1st sentence lol.
    welcome to our blogosphere, i'm sure you will fit in well with all the rest of the crazies around here. (which i will be glad to send your way, for entertainment purposes)

  2. visiting from nonns'a blog! hope you enjoy your blogging adventure.

  3. Thank you to both...and welcome kel - we'll see how it goes.

  4. You have been such a great friend to Shannon I hope the best for you and yours. Come see us any time. Love, Kaye

  5. Hey! I didn't know that this was you! The last comment That you left gave it way. I can't wait till you right more. This is awesome.

  6. you gotta check out this teacher. she is highly recommended by heinous who i think is hilarious, and this post is pretty funny:


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