Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Best Part

I have not been online for almost a week. There are no problems, no major events - just me being unplugged. It is the one thing in the summer that I enjoy most. I do not have to check email or respond to urgent messages from parents/principals/coworkers. I can unplug. So, with summer's end looming ever closer - I chose to take advantage of the opportunity to avoid my laptop.

Highlights of the week:

~Boy went to work with Hubby last week and introduced himself as "the middle monster" it's great when everyone knows where they fit in the scheme of things.

~Spent a day conquering the water slides - and Youngest's fear was overcome as she repeated continually "just one more time" for a total of 10 times.

~Teen was caught looking at teacher's webpages - a WEEK before ORIENTATION! Think she is a bit excited about HS?

~Made tamales from scratch - yes from scratch - wrapped in corn husks and all - YUMMY!

~Continuing to think "green" in that I am hanging laundry to dry - ok i'm just cheap, but it is green.

It has been fun, and we have kept busy. But now that the unprepared nightmares have begun I am re-engaging with my laptop. I am going to catch-up on my blog reading in order to procrastinate more efficiently.


  1. Enjoy the last little bit of summer vacation. Tamales sound awesome!

  2. i want some home-made tamales! why have you never cooked these for me??

    i can't do the whole hanging laundry to dry. a)i like the whole dryer sheet-soft-no static feel and b)my "clothes-line" is actually an "ant highway" and i am soooo not gonna have to deal with that!

    i'll just be green by continuing to plant more trees and shrubs. that's green too, right?

  3. Congratson getting unplugged! We're also trying to enjoy the last bits of summer!

  4. Tamales- yummmmmmmmmmmmy! Notice, I comment on the food first. You had a busy week. Catch up is going to be uncool though.

  5. Welcome back. Your tamale talk has made me hungry.


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