Monday, November 16, 2009

Karma It Isn't

The family is gathered around the kitchen, engaged in various activities. Hubby and I are having a conversation while Boy chimes-in, sharing his input. Teen strides into this scene, exclaiming that we "need to see this." Hubby and I look-up, wondering what has her excited enough to: a) leave her room - quickly b) bring the computer & c) interrupt our conversation because she is usually so polite!

Teen proceeds to pull-up and begin playing a video. Hubby & Boy watch the video while Youngest and I work on dinner. There is some conversation about the video and the (much loved) band who recently released an album and apparently a video. In one simple act, she has everyone's attention.

Great. Now, if the world really runs on karma - why do I know so many variations of the next scene?

1. Knock gently, then enter Teen's room. Announce presence, just to be sure. 
2. Watch the book cover (computer screen, sketch pad etc) for signs that my presence has been noted. 
3. Upon hearing the grunted "huh?" respond with request, question, or interesting tidbit to share. 
4. Wait a moment....insist child put down the phone (headphones, IM window) then repeat step 3.
5. Receive large eye roll or WTH look from Teen as she tears herself away to hear the conversation originating in step 3. 
6. Share tidbit, haltingly, because now you aren't too pleased with your reception.

Forget all of the above steps and everytime you want to tell said teen anything, you call her out of her room or away from the computer and insist she give her full attention to you before you start. (must say Hubby is a master at this) It drives her bonkers, but cracks me up. This does fall under legal torture techniques - right?


  1. It's totally legal and not 1/2 as bad as the torture teens inflict on parents.

  2. It certainly does. I'd take a page from your hubby's book. I wonder what would happen if we permanently unplugged our teens? I don't know if it would be wonderful or frightening.

  3. I am freaked out already about what life will be like when Braden is a teen. All the kids with their phones and ipods and all these other gadgets is still a bit weird for me. I guess I am just old now.

  4. My mom was a master at knowing the exact moment my butt was 2 inches from sitting. It was at that moment she would call me into the next room. Every damn time.

    Torture? No. Good times...I am not looking forward to having teenagers in the house :)

  5. i agree with weaselMomma whole-heartedly. i also think you should go into teens room at like 7 or 8am on saturday morning and sing off key (or extremely off-key in my mom's case) "Good morning to you, good morning to you, we're all in our places, with bright shining faces, good morning to you, good morning to you." now THAT is teen torture at it's best.


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