Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's About the Dress - Isn't It?

Teen used to put on a dress with glee. She would look at dresses in her closet and choose one to wear almost daily. Often times she could even be found adding a hat to complete each outfit.

Then something changed. Whether it was living near her boy cousins, who wouldn't be caught dead in dresses, or the fact that she found it increasingly difficult to dig for dinosaur bones in a skirt, at about 4 years-old she was put-off dresses. Oh, she could still be subjected to the occasional dress, but once yearly has been pretty much the maximum and really topped out with her 1st Communion dress in 2nd grade. So, when the time came to order an orchestra dress I was intrigued.

We attended the high school winter concert with the whole crew, including cousins and Grandma. Hey, this dress thing was really exciting! The concert was captivating I know because even Boy and Youngest sat still and quiet throughout.Of course in typical teen-fashion we heard about every mistake after the concert, but being no Mozart myself I will have to take her word for it.

Next on the concert tour was Youngest's performance. On the way to the show Youngest could be heard talking almost endlessly to herself. The thought flow here was interesting, to say the least:
"Mom, you can tell S-- that there is such things as Sea Cucumbers. I told her, but she didn't believe me and laughed. It hurt my feelings." then without a breath she continues..
"S-- thought I was making fun  of her cause I asked what that cat looked like. It is black and white. She said a tuxedo cat and I hadn't heard of that before. So I asked and she got mad at me. Hmmm. I wonder what S--'s dress will look like. I hope it is beautiful. I think she will like my dress, but I just really don't know. I'm so curious to see everyone's dresses."

Not kidding, this was all done in one breath. We are not looking for Youngest to give-up dresses anytime soon.
(the red dress)

Of course the concert was adorable. Really, who can see a kindergarten concert and not think it is at least cute well aside from Boy who wasn't too impressed. She was the sun, which of course set Boy and Teen into giggles because, let's face it the child already thinks the world revolves around her. Did we really need to fuel the fire?


  1. I love the sun comment. Too funny. Congrats on getting them both into dresses.

  2. You got 1 girly girl out of all those years of hard work.
    The sun is hysterical.

  3. ~Otter: Now if I could only get them all dressed up at the same time!

    ~Weaselmomma: Not sure how that happened...but it is amusing!


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