Friday, May 14, 2010

Crabs and Comfort

It was one of the coveted picnic locations. A covered picnic table, a view of the lagoon and canal, and a short jaunt from the beach. For the day, it would serve as base camp.

Moments after the gear was dumped onto tables and benches, the kids + Hubby made a beeline for the lagoon. Youngest was immediately distraught by the amount of life that could be found under her feet. At each of Boy's new discoveries: Horse Conchs, misc feeder fish her unease increased. But the topper was the discovery of various crabs. The lagoon is a virtual crab nursery. At this not-so-rare and amazing discovery Boy set out to catch every one he could nab or lure. Youngest refused to place even a piggy within striking distance of pinchers she imagined were awaiting her first misstep. Soon cousins were on-hand to aid in crab catching. Buckets filled with water and misc. crabs decorated our base. Taking pity on his sister, Boy offered her a bucket of Conchs (think big sea snail) which she enjoyed enormously. 

There was much fun to be had by all. Adults were able to visit while enjoying the escapades of the youngsters. Trips were made to the beach where everyone swam and kids only buried one another in sand sarcophagi (no adult volunteered - having learned the discomfort of sand trapped in suits long ago) There was kayaking, and the enjoyment of the company of others. A day of sun and fun sure to lead to an early bedtime.

Back home after all wildlife had been returned to its sanctuary, the kids were cleaned and nestled into bed.
About an hour after final good-nights were given, a slow steady creak announced the opening of Youngest's door. Bleary-eyed and unfocused she stumbled into the living room.
me: "What are you doing up honey."
youngest: "I can't sleep."
me: thinking *obviously* "Why not?"
youngest: "I'm uncomfortable with crabs."

yup, that would do it, I thought. However, have no fear; Youngest didn't then nor has she at any time actually have crabs. She merely was considering crabs and how they could come out of the water, grow to the size of the minivan, and destroy her family. Bless her innocent little heart. and curse her bad mommy's potty brain that made the leap and had to bite her lip to keep from giggling.

Now, it's Friday! Yippee! So, you know what to do: click this link and head over to DadBlogs to read some great stories by moms and dads who probably don't have their thoughts in the gutter.


  1. Fun day and funny night. I hope mutant minivan size crabs never eat your entire family.

  2. Yeah... Crabs make me uncomfortable.

    I mean... not that I would really know about that! But, yeah, crabs are bad.

  3. The things kids say! I wish my sons would share the creatures they find, but they're more likely to tear each other apart over a bucket of Conchs.

  4. How funny! sounds like a lovely day wad enjoyed by all (eventually), though

  5. It sounds like a wonderful day and intriguing and funny night. Of course the image of minivan sized crabs would keep me up too! :)

  6. As a imature male person let me say that was hilarious. It sounds like a fun time too.

  7. Sounds like a great idea for a Horror Movie - Attack of the Killer Crabs...

    How nice to be able to picnic by the beach!


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