Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Snow...fall?

Most towns offer snow gratis. It's the perk (or pest) of the location. In order for kids to enjoy the wonders it has to offer wet socks, frostbite they need to go no further than the yard. Not so in Sunnyville.

Snow is such a rare commodity that youngest has never witnessed the white stuff falling ever. While most people over the age of 20 see this as a positive, my kids are not 20 and bemoan their snowless fate yearly while mom does the happy dance and sends gentle jibes to far away family This year we chose to find snow...

First, mom had to coupon shop. Honestly. I did. Snow and cold are pricey here. After driving 2 hours, we arrived...

The parkas were a side perk of spending an hour in the 9 degree exhibit.

We toured the sculptors. "Night Before Christmas" was the theme.

No trip to the ice would be worth its salt without an ice slide.

Of course we couldn't forget to visit the courtyard.

Now this weather is more my speed.

Then we went to play in the "snow" (I use the term loosely)

A great time for all.

All-in-all it was worth the drive and now Youngest tells me she can't wait to see real snow. I guess she doesn't realize those wet knees and gloves are not so much fun when it is actually cold!


  1. Awwww, I wanna go tooooo...take me, take me, ppppplease! LMAO!

    We enver get snow...whaaaah!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Living on the Gulf Coast snow is scarce here too. I grew up in Tennessee and seriously do not miss the cold. An area mall has a snow machine set up in the public courtyard. It's not the same as a foot of the white stuff falling naturally. Your ice park looks much more fun.

    (Thanks for stopping by my place earlier. It's always nice to meet new people.)

  3. You Sunnyville dwellers crack me up!

    I, being over 20, could care less if I ever saw another snowflake ever again.

  4. I wish for snow every year. We usually get one or two snow falls but they rarely stick. I just want to be snowed in so I don't have to go to work. I'm over 20 but I want more snow. It must be that thing where you always want what you can't have.

  5. I am over 20 and live near WeaselMomma and have lived in this area all my life. You can guess that I, too, have seen enough snow to last about seven lifetimes. I wouldn't care if I ever saw it or shoveled it again.

    My dream is to be a snowbird. I want to live in the South during the winter (only coming North for the holidays) and live up North during the summer. I mean way, way North.

    Can you tell I'm tired of extreme temperatures?

    For those who have snow and don't get it, I'll have them truck a few millions pounds of it your way. :)


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