Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Home Repair

After 5 years of friendship, a couple of years of dating and almost 15 years of marriage you know someone. Growing up and older with a person leads you to believe you have a pretty good handle on their personality. Daily responsibilities tend to be divided by interests and areas of expertise. So if you had asked me to describe my husband to you that morning, I would have felt confident in my summery. Until we began putting on a new front door.

We decided to tackle this project together. I read the Home Depot book and he watched Lowes home repair videos. We were set to go. We began early, in the event that it took longer than the 3 hour suggested time. It did. Four hours plus 2 more trips to the hardware store longer. The project estimates were apparently given for people who live in a house so new, nothing has settled , everything is square, and obviously they don't need a new door. But I digress.

We laughed, joked, and commiserated over our sadly out of square opening. We came up with plans together, the neighbor came by to lend his tools. Nothing seemed off in my previous assessments of my husband. 

Until I realized I hadn't touched one tool, other than to hand it to him or take it from him. 

Now, understand I know I am not the most coordinated person on the block and when I paint a room it may look as though it was done by a kid, but surely I can hammer a nail. Nope. Not a hammer, not a pry bar, certainly not an electric saw or drill was put to use by me - once. Heck Boy had more tool exposure than I did by hammering the nails in the old frame flush so as not to wound the garbage men.

Who knew this chauvinistic chivalrous side of him existed? Apparently not me, as I practically begged for a chance to whack something with a hammer.


  1. You would be awesome with a crowbar, especially if anyone smarted off to you.

  2. I never get involved in DIY projects with my husband. I check to see if he needs tools, water, bandaids, but other than that... he's on his own. I think this is one reason our marriage has survived as long as it has.


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