Friday, January 20, 2012

Starting Over

Saying I'm back doesn't even begin to cover it. What I am really saying is "I'm starting over." That is how it feels. Much of my blog role is gone and I doubt previous readers will be flocking to me obligatory friends and family excepted. No long, wordy explanation for my absence. I have one word. Baby.

Delving back into parenting an infant has been exhilarating. But, dealing with the foster-care system has been exhausting. Now I feel like I am in a groove, or in enough need of some on-line support that I am making the time for me to vent er blog.

So, hello! Let me introduce myself. I am a mother, aunt/foster-mother, who firmly believes in type-B parenting and is being forced to live a type-A parenting situation.  My blog is largely focused on the adventures of raising a family in the modern world where children are walked or driven to play dates on their own blocks or placed in so many activities they need personal assistants to keep their schedules straight. And while I too believe in well-rounded kids, my methods are a bit more down-to-earth. If this sounds intriguing, welcome. And if you are a curious on-looker who wonders how my 3 children and 1 niece can possibly survive with this type of parenting, welcome!


  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to reading more!

  2. What a lovely family you have. I look forward to reading more about your methods of raising a family, we need some more (lots more) parents like you. The kids today have to live under so many pressures. My baby is not yet 2, and everyone wants to know when I am enrolling him to a school, and which school it is going to be. It's no longer like 'good old days' when you just sent your kid to the nearest school in the neighbourhood. Now the 'brand name' of a school is more important, and education today is no longer about learning or knowledge, but only about acquiring prestigious degrees and how much money the degree can make for you.

  3. hmm maybe i should "start over" too, seeing as how i'm the one who dragged you into this whole blogging thing in the first place :) sadly, i can't even find my bookmark to my own blog lol


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