Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pets Decrease Stress - Right??

          Youngest had been complaining of unfair treatment for months. Her sister had a snake, her brother had a lizard of some sort and here she was forced to share the 2 family dogs and cat with well, the family. After hearing her adamantly stating her case, I’ll admit it, I caved.
In a few agonizingly long weeks she received the absolute satisfaction of a tiny 6-week-old dwarf hamster. The adoration was instantaneous on her side anyway and she loves the hyperactive biting machine in a way only pure-hearted 7 year-old’s and cats are capable of maintaining.
Needless to say cat shooing and chasing has become a primary pastime for Youngest as the cat is sneaky. By pushing the cage over the cat has freed the hamster on 2 previous occasions, resulting in mass panic and general pandemonium.
So, as soon as I heard a crash in Youngest’s room last night I directed Teen to check it out. She opened the door to spilled shavings scattered around a flipped cage. “Griselda! Get OUT!”

And out she went, her sleek black mass prancing by with a white mustache…wait, white mustache? Before she knew what was coming I pounced, she released her prize and I was in hot pursuit of the tiny beast. After snatching it to safety, I relinquished the would-be victim to Teen who concluded it needed to move into protection in her room until a suitable situation can be found – much to the annoyance of Youngest.

Happily; however, she received some generous gifts for her First Communion, so after work today we will be heading out to purchase a new, hopefully cat-proof, cage…

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