Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tyrannical Rule

There is no democracy in Sunnyville. When the ruler is unhappy, cries of wrath can be heard throughout and the people shake in fear. Residents of Sunnyville are often found making offers to placate the finicky tastes of the despot. And when the tyranny is held at bay by laughter and joy, the residents rejoice - knowing that this moment is worthwhile, however temporary it may be.

Oh, there have been grumblings of revolt. A call to action among the populous. But the elders know this is simply a trading of one authority for another and largely ignore the rally. After all, how do you reason against a ruler who isn't old enough to go on the potty, let alone read your protest signs?

So, in the great tradition of two-year-olds before her there will continue:

Cajoling from tears into giggles by the crazy antics of her peasants siblings

Much watching of toddler-friendly television, after all who doesn't love a rousing round of "I Love You, You Love Me?" Especially repeated for the 3rd time in an evening?

Hiding of the "treasures" to include but not limited to: marbles, special dolls, candies, and anything shiny

Tickle sessions at the drop of a dime

Ring-Around-the-Rosie gala balls that continue until participants drop from dizziness

The constant use of redirection to avert the word "NO" for fear of swift retaliation in the form of on-the-floor-foot-stomping-screaming that lasts until something sparkly catches her eye.

All of this to be balanced by joyful demonstrations of new tricks that amuse, cuddles that put the cutest of puppies to shame, delight in each newly acquired skill, and - when things slow down - a refreshing peek at the wonder of the world as seen through new eyes. 

So, we will keep our little despot and continue to introduce civilized behavior to her repertoire knowing that these days will pass too soon.

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