Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grandma Steps In

We recently spent 4 marvelous days hidden in the forest. It was not an episode of survivor, it was merely a "moms' camping trip." Suffering from pre-cabin fever, my sister called a few weeks ago to fret over what we would be doing with the kids home for a week. (I don't fret - throw them a bag of doritos, turn on the wii, don the earplugs, & we're all good to go) I agreed that it being break, we should be entertaining - more than usual I mean. The weather being that of sunnyland, a camping trip was in order.

With the dads having to work, being near home was important (for those drop-in visits dads like). A lovely state park near home was the perfect solution. We have camped here a few times, and being there this time a memory forcibly struck. So, of course I thought I would share it with you!

My hubby and I were adamant that the time had come to take our daughter camping. She was one. We reasoned that she is flexible and would adore sleeping in the tent. We headed out, prepared to spend 2 nights nurturing our daughter in the ways of the great outdoors. She was great, we arrived, set-up the tent. The fire was blazing, we had eaten and the stars were shining. It was a perfect evening, our nature-loving child was exploring bugs, earth, rocks and all the other wonders. Then came time to put pumpkin to bed. I brought her into the tent, which was a thrilling novelty, until it was time to lie down. Then the lovely nature child morphed.

It began with restless tossing and turning, simply refusing to settle. This escalated into the high pitched whine that only the very young can acomplish. Being the flexible, fast on our feet parents we were, we opted to drive her around the park. I drove and drove, at 10mph, for 20 minutes. She was out. Quickly and with much stealth hubby lifted her to place the slumbering dove into her nest. Where upon she instantly opened her eyes and began to cry. We allowed her to wander out on her own, watching as she paced from us to the car, moaning "home go home now".

After 15 minutes of this, (that while incredibly comical, could be disturbing our neighbors) we put the little dove into the car and brought her to Grandma's. Grandma, being the trooper she is, took the infant, placed her in her playpen and sent us back to the woods saying, "She knows, the woods are fine to visit - but sleeping is for a hotel!"

Happily she outgrew that diva stuff, as evidenced by the photo above. But, that is a story for another day.


  1. That's awesome! What a great story. And Grandma is of my same mindset. If I'm sleeping in a tent, it's not because I chose to.

  2. amazingly, i actually remember you telling me about that trip back when it happened. i'm glad she has gotten over her 'diva' stage since y'all seem to camp more often than i go to the grocery store :-)


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