Saturday, April 4, 2009

It Should be Humor

It was fitting that this week held April Fool's Day, as I felt like the fool all week. The universe has been playing some twisted jokes.

First, I discovered, quite happily, that another teacher chose to surplus himself, and that I would keep my position at my school. This news came just as I had internalized the move to a new school as an adventure. Not that I am complaining, I am thrilled. But this feeling is tempered by the fact that I can, and probably will, be bumped by another teacher with more seniority come May. Here I wait in the land of indecision.

The second joke happened to fall on the day of fools itself. After leaving my incapacitated van in an anonymous lot on the way to school, my coworker came in to congratulate me on my parking spot. She knew that my van was waiting for a tow (being partly responsible for getting me to work early that day) so I was waiting for the punch line. She informed me that I had made employee of the month, earning myself the premier parking spot. I checked, it was true. Now don't go getting all proud of me - my school doesn't put much stock in employee of the month (because we are all so wonderful), it is picked randomly from a hat!! I'm serious!

As if events of the week hadn't been enough, Weds. proved to be exhausting as well. When all the children were quietly tucked into their rooms, hubby was doing a routine computer check. It was quickly discovered that teen had allowed a friend to post unsavory pics of herself from our computer to her myspace earlier that day. Of course the girls thought there was nothing wrong with these pics when they posted them - this was quickly remedied after much yelling and the loss of all teen's privileges until further notice. This occurred after the middle schools focused on internet safety for spring break prep, and I taught safety lessons THAT VERY MORNING!

Latest news from the mechanic is that he is looking at the bluebook value of the van (not a good sign), and boy said to me "I told you we needed a new van months ago," all exasperated.

Well, when I can't find the humor - at least I can see the irony!!


  1. Now I know why Bryan was asking about the brains of teens the other day.

  2. What a crazy week. I ope it gets better. Enjoy the parking spot, but picked out of hat? Seriously? And they wonder why the public school system gets a bad rap? CELEBRATE MEDIOCRITY!

  3. ~Kathy: Yup, that is why. So smart, yet so dumb teens can be.

    ~weaselmomma: LOL, I am definitely above mediocre!

  4. yeah, enjoy the parking spot that you have for your non-existant vehicle lol. did you take my, oh so wize, advice on making the teen write a report?

  5. The week of the 1st was definitely a rough week for me too, least I got to spend some time with some of my favoritest people in the world though (Daddy, Sibling and Niecey came to visit). Hope your vehicle situation is dealt with so you can park in your reserved spot while you have it!

  6. Love the irony here! Great stuff for the blog. Good thing you seem to have a good sense of humor!


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