Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Means Heat

Summer officially began Sunday. Here in Sunnyland we know summer's here because since Saturday it has been too uncomfortable to be outside for any length of time. I know, many of my Northern friends are thinking - too hot! at least you have predictable sun! Yes, we have sun - a lot. Aside from the sweat that breaks out on your forehead upon stepping off the porch, here are a few other signs of summer:

When the child pool is too hot to use for swimming (a few hours after filling), you know it's summer.

When the inground pool is warmer than average bath water, you know it's hot.

And when the Gulf of Mexico is as warm as your shower, you know it is summer in Sunnyland!

I am not complaining, just explaining the need to do things early or late (and my reasons for being lazy in the afternoons). But in the mornings we can be productive - here is a video of Boy and Hubby fishing!

It does look like paradise - doesn't it?


  1. 6:30 in the morning? Ah, the life of a fisherman.
    Yes, it does look like paradise. And yes, I wish I was there to see the sunrise.
    Here in the Midwest, we went from cool, rainy spring to heat stroke, sunny, days in about 12 hours. It's sunburn weather. Summer arrived with a bang and near 100-degree temps. Nothing like easing into it.
    I live by a very big lake. Maybe I should take the plunge?

  2. That is pretty stinking hot. Stay cool and enjoy all the summer you can.

  3. nice video, but i'm glad i have lazy fish that don't mind biting in the afternoon :) fishing watching the sun come up...not my idea of fun :)


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