Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flying Time in a Photo Journal

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted, and to those gluttons for punishment adoring readers I have no excuse and a million excuses. Life over the past few weeks has been busy - I'll show you.

No, we are not personal friends of the Bishop. It was teen's confirmation day. Notice that her hair was all one color and she did wear a skirt and dress shoes!

Quickly followed by 8th grade dance for which the same outfit was worn with Converse high tops to vary the appearance of said wardrobe.

There was big band music, offering an evening of entertainment for all.

There were journeys into the sea.

Another evening of music. (note the small child to left striking a pose instead of singing)

Quickly followed by a further step into the wide-world of life - well elementary school anyway.

(after a small cap adjustment she proceeded to wave at her adoring fans)

Recognition for volunteer and community works.

(Teen is second row, wearing, what else, white over tank. Altered today with a pair of black slacks - school doesn't rate a skirt)

note: the hair color change - a reliable indicator of a rapidly approaching summer vacation)

Yet another child stepping forth - into the wide world of high school.

Yes, I do admit it has been a combination of events that has lead me to be reflective at times.

But, through all the changes we have managed to keep our happy faces.

Waiting until the final color indicator made its final change.

And we now, we have reached our destination....



  1. Yayyyy! for you and having summer vacation. I would love to sneak down, but don't know if it's possible. The Oldest cracks me up in her skirt. Looks like life has been busy and fun!

  2. Seems like end of the school year brings lots of activities & milestones.

    Love the new hair color, I guess that's one way of "going green"!

  3. Busy, busy weeks for you! Glad you could capture it with a camera. I wouldn't show my youngest these photos because I won't let her dye her hair blue!

  4. ~weaselmomma: anytime, after I spend the rest of this week recuperating! wish I was coming up but it looks like a no go this year.

    ~bad momma: that's my little environmentalist!

    ~surprised mom: LOL! A relative recently suggested I do blue on myself for summer - sounds like fun, but what if I have to do a mom thing and I have blue hair? maybe i'll settle for highlights.

  5. yeah for pics!! is she staying with green all summer?? i like the pink color. that's about the color i want...but just one little stripe - i'm too chicken to do the whole head thing :)


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