Friday, May 15, 2009

Questing - Mom Makes a Demand

I have been infrequently chronically the adventures of parenting a special needs child here and there. Today I will continue here. Son was entering 2nd grade and I thought, "OK, this is the year the chaos ends."

I began the school year by asking for a formal and complete psycho-educational evaluation to be done. I set a meeting date and went armed with a formal written request. I called my dad for support - after all he has 2 foster, now adopted children that are in middle school and have needed this type of help since they started school. Dad was supportive and told me not to be afraid to be assertive and demanding if needed. I agreed, but trembled on the inside. WHY? Because I am, by and large, a "good" girl. I do not rock the boat - until it needs to be tipped. On the other hand I had made a promise to have a better year. Determination set in. (It helped that my boss told me written requests had to be followed-up)

The school agreed to test. We all played our parts and the evaluation was completed. Son was labeled EH (emotionally handicapped). HUH? What does that mean? Now what do I do? Someone please tell me the next step...silence.

In the meantime, Son continues classes. He has an IEP, paper that tells the school/teachers/others/ that he has special rules and accommodations. He goes to resource (the only teacher besides his speech teacher that he likes) and does OT exercises for a few minutes at a time about 5 times a day. I search frantically for help. The pediatrician recommends another doctor and eval. That doctor is "the best." We go. He says, no ADHD blah blah blah, high intelligence blah blah blah, no medication blah blah blah, see this counselor - AT LAST - the next step!

Little did I realize the end was not even glimmering upon the horizon....


  1. Just keep pushing and pushing for answers. Remember that teacher bear mentality now its time for the momma bear.

  2. Oh. I do not envy your journey. Everyone I know who has to go through this with the schools winds up losing hair from it.

  3. Sounds like you are making progress. Unfortunately it never happens as quick as we would like. Never heard of EH. Has he been tested for Autism? I did not see this in any of your posts.

    I hate not having answers. Good luck. I'll keep you and your son in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. although, i know this is just the beginning of the school year you're talking about, and i know some/most of what you've dealt with the rest of the year up to current, i still want to hear more! lol i don't like cliffhangers and obviously even when i know the end lol.
    hang in there girl and keep fighting them.

  5. You are awesome mother overcoming your fears to stand up for Boy and making sure he gets the help he needs! It isn't easy, I watched my mother do it with my little sister.

  6. @ EVERYONE: thank you all for your support. I am not done posting abut this subject - there are funny moments (well if you have a dark sense of humor anyway), but we are doing well.


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